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No description

Bernadett Balogh

on 25 June 2015

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Transcript of Strategy

Continental moving to social media platforms
Reach out to certain target groups that the we did not have access to so far, open the doors to building new relationships, intelligently develop the Continental products’ and services’ recognision
• Lack of tools or resources to track and monitor social media campaign results
• Effort vs result: Even if it is more measurable than other channels, it is difficult to balance the effort put on social media against the results obtained
• Making up for mistakes: The time-frame to correct errors that affect your audience is less. Because you are heavily exposed, your company has to take action promptly, especially if people are having conversations about your brand, you will have to engage and clarify
• Might be blocked at many work sites: management sees it drops productivity; hurts bottom line
• Weak click-through-rate of advertisements
• Advertisements on Facebook is the only major source of revenues
• Attitude towards users’ privacy creates a negative image
• Lack of website customization
• Getting too many negative comments
• There is a vital need for an extramely experienced magager to turn it sufficiently and help growth
• Without a frontier you risk ending up in controversial buzz and dirt of the web someday.
• Traditionally new brands target their audience on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. The statistics has drastically changed recently: huge loads of traffic now come from Pinterest and YouTube.

• Always changing user tastes
• Increasing number of mobile internet users
• Users have ad-block extensions
• Online marketing’s slow growth rate
• There is a well-known weak business model for FB
• Very high number of dislikes on social sites
• Aggressive campaign by your competitors
• Competitors probably doing just the same and following the same strategy. Do you really want to be “just another start-up”?
• Social Media needs consistency. If your brand keeps silent longer than usually people stop trusting you. Will you always have interesting news to share in schedulled time?
• Macro factors such as economy, will this affect your user base?
• Competitor is going after the same space or same audience with similar campaign
• It got too much publicity in a short time. May get burned out. There also is a need of a solid revenue model (future advertisment)
• It is getting dangerously spammy
• Other social networking sites (MySpace, Tagged, Friendfeed, identi.ca, others) may grow and steal market share

• Easy to set up
• Large market reach or penetration, also a large and highly engaged fan base or followers who are focused
• Very useful if you are setting up a digital engagement strategy (to new people, young people)
• Very quick information exchange
• Direct contact with audience (almost like face-to-face)
• It is real-time
• It is searchable
• It is totally RSS-enabled
• It is the ultimate link discovering and sharing tool
• Allows integration with many websites and applications
• The user experience is excellent
• Your target audience spends a lot of their time on social media sites
• Providing contagious and compelling content
• High volume and velocity of conversations, comments, likes and shares

• One of the undeniable pluses of being on Social Media is having a quick access to customer complaints and being able to respond in a timely fashion
• In our special case, we have only few competitors
• Having influential people as page fans
• Forming partnership with influential social media personalities
• Lately there is a rise in the number of internet users, and their number continues growing
• This is a rightplace for breaking news which will help start an engagement
• Connecting your business page to company website
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