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No description

Daniel Quiring

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of ASIMO

The Honda ASIMO is a humaniod
Robot, designed specifically to interact
with humans It wieghs 114 pounds and is 4' 3" Honda spent years designing a robot that could walk like a human. It can run at around 5 mph ASIMO is an Autonomous robot This means that it can adapt to changes
in its environment and learn new things. Asimo is not controlled by remote.
It moves and goes where it wants to The Honda E series This is the the Honda E0 ASIMO uses a litium
ion battery This allows ASIMO to
operate for up to an hour on
a single charge. ASIMO uses a camera
in its head to see things around it. This allows it to follow objects with
its eyes and predict the distance away an object
is and how fast it is moving. ASIMO has the intelligence to recognize its name and respond to it, do what its told, and respond with verbal answers If you walk up to ASIMO waving, it recognizes your greeting and waves back. The same is true for a hand shake. If you offer your hand, ASIMO will shake it. If an object or person gets in the way of ASIMOs path, it can find a way around it and get to its destination. ASIMO has good balance,
so it will most likely not
spill what it is serving you. Because of ASIMOs good physical
balance and ability to learn, it can play soccer with another ASIMO. ASIMO has face recognition
technology that allows it to remeber a persons
face and then address them by name. Its hearing has been
improved also. It can distinguish a human voice
from another sound such as a collision. It even faces you when you are having a conversation with it. ASIMO was designed to be an intelligent robot that could
be useful and helpful around the house. By connecting ASIMO to a user's network,
it can be used to show guests to their room, or inform
house owners of their guests arrival. If connected to the internet, it can inform you
of the weather or the latest news as soon as you
get up from bed. By judging the placement of your finger and your eyes, ASIMO has a good idea of exactly where you are pointing to. Becuase of ASIMOs intelligence, it has the
ability to be interviewed by human reporters. It can answer questions it has never heard before
with verbal answers, ASIMO is truely thinking. Real interviews have happened before and there is not doubt that it will happen again. In Conclusion If you are wanting to buy an ASIMO, don't give your hopes up, they cost around $1 million to make. Just imagine how much it costs just so
Honda can make a profit off of them. It would be hard to find a used
one to, there are only 100 of them in the
world. The End
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