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SHH Interest Meeting Presentation

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Amanda Fennell

on 24 August 2015

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Transcript of SHH Interest Meeting Presentation

Students Helping Honduras is a non-profit organization. Our mission is to alleviate extreme poverty and violence in Honduras through education and youth empowerment.

To do this - We build schools
The organization was founded by CNN Hero, Shin Fujiyama in 2006 - 2 years after he attended a service trip in Honduras. He has been living in Honduras for nearly 10 years.
Winter Break, Spring Break, and Summer Trips available.

January 2013
March 2013
July 2013
Why go to Honduras?
How can you get there?
If you're interested in helping children escape the vicious cycle of poverty...
And give a child the school supplies they need..
And help build their school up from the ground...
$650 for trip + Airfare (approx $550)
Sample Trip Itinerary
Day 1: Arrival into San Pedro Sula (airport code SAP)
Our staff will be waiting for you at the airport and drive you to El Progreso. You will spend the evening at your hotel with your fellow volunteers and relax. Dinner and orientation will be at the hotel.
Day 2: Project visits
Visit our various projects in El Progreso to meet the families and children. For lunch, learn to make a typical Honduran meal with a local family. Depending on the weather, we may play a fun game of soccer in the afternoon against a local team. There will be a group activity in the evening.
Day 3 – 6: At the worksite
After breakfast in the hotel at 8am, work from 9am to 5pm at your worksite. You will work side by side with fellow volunteers, professional masons and family members from the community. There will be plenty of opportunities for you to practice your Spanish, spend time with the kids, and even help teach English. Lunch is served at the worksite. There is usually an optional barefoot soccer game in late afternoon. After dinner in the hotel, we will have a cultural activity each evening such as dance lessons, movie night, soccer games and much more.
Day 7: Field trip to Caribbean beaches of Tela
Relax in the Caribbean beaches of Tela, just 50 minutes away from El Progreso. Some of the families and children will accompany us on the trip. There will be a goodbye party in the evening.
Who are we?
Where do we go?
SHH Chapters go down to Honduras on 8- day trips and begin building schools.
Any questions?
What do we do?
Chapters then fundraise to FINISH the schools they started!
Ex. Progress of Villa Soleada Bilingual School
We are not like other volunteer trips or NGOS
1. Communities ASK us to work with them.
2. Hondurans LEAD the projects and SHH.
3. The community is our #1 priority - so you know you are volunteering responsibly.
4. 100% of money raised goes DIRECTLY to projects!
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