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Gracienne Rose Curso

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

5.The Raw Materials Inventory Control Department updates the electronic file retrieved from MS Excel in the computer.

6. Payment is cash/ Payment on account

7. Prepare the sales invoice

7. Update the Accounts Receivable

8. Update the GL and summarize the transaction A sole proprietorship
30 years
Before, it used to have 6 branches but now, they downsized it to only one.
The members of the Busa family help in running the business
Made-to-order basis.
Pre-press, Press and Post press. DMC BUSA PRINTERS 1. A customer order is prepared
2. The creditworthiness of the customer should be investigated
3. Payment is done upon delivery
4. Shipping
-For print-on-demand orders, a temporary delivery receipt is issued. Sales Return Policies •Unsatisfactory quality
•The features is not the same with the final copy
(size, thickness of the paper, color, etc)
•Goods are faulty on arrival SALES RETURN
PROCEDURES SALES ORDER PROCEDURES 1. Receive Notification from Customers

2. Authorization and Approval

3. Update AR Subsidiary Ledger
and Sales Journal

4. Update the GL SALES RETURN PROCEDURES COMPANY PROFILE 1.Record and Deposit Checks

2. Update Accounts Receivable

3. Update General Ledger

4. Reconcile Cash Receipts and Deposits CASH RECEIPTS PROCEDURES CONTROL ACTIVITIES Transaction Authorization
Segregation of Duties
Accounting Records
Access Controls
Independent Verification
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