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Lake Lanier

A relaxation landscape

Matthew Churchwell

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Lake Lanier

I said Lake Lanier
is a home away from home
To Ray Charles, Georgia is a place like home So I thought
How do I represent this? I asked myself
How do I feel about Lake Lanier, Georgia? I looked at Lake Lanier and I saw comfort.
I saw peace I saw home So I went on the internet and found songs
about Georgia. They were all about home!
I went to books and plays and poems They represented Georgia as home! I went back on the web to see how others saw Lake Lanier They made resorts, those are places to make you feel at home when you aren't there. Crazy, but everyone feels this landscape is a home away from home. Jean Toomer's: Georgia Dusk Langston Hughes: The Mulatto In conclusion: If I feel like Lake Lanier is like home,
If artists, authors, and musicians feel like Georgia is home,
and if everyone else feels like Lake Lanier is a place someone can feel comfortable at home, then Lake Lanier's landscape in Georgia must be a place where people feel at home with the area. Lake Lanier, Georgia History! The government authorized construction for The Buford Dam in 1946 as part of the development of the nation’s waterways after World War Two. The aim was for developing the river systems for national defense, flood control, power production, navigation and water supplies. On February 1, 1956 the slow process of creating the reservoir that was eventually named Lake Sidney Lanier after the Georgia born poet and musician who died in the 1880’s began to fill. It took over three years for the lake to record its normal elevation of 1070 feet above sea level for the first time on May 25, 1959. The dedication was held on top of the intake structure parking lot on October 9, 1957. Sidney Lanier! Full name: Sidney Clopton Lanier Self taught musician and poet Served the South in the Civil War Wrote about the Chattahoochee river, the river dammed by the buford dam which created Lake Lanier. Everyone liked it so the named the lake after him
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