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The Blind Side

Mrs. Meade's 7th Period English Class. Jessica Harper

Jessica Harper

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of The Blind Side

The Blind Side Eric Saffell He has been in my life for almost a year. Eric has
taught me how to drive.
given my mother and I a place to live.
fixed my mothers vehicle.
showed me what it was like to actually laugh.
taught me patience.
always been there for me.
given me a father figure.
never yelled at me for ignorant things.

No matter where we are he is always making a difference in my life. Eric does these things because he loves my mother and I. If we are happy he is happy. Also he is a very generous person who wants to help people close to him. This has made a difference in his life because he is able to show the people he cares about what kind of person he can be. Also is gives him respect and that's something he wants. Henry Lee Lucas He murdered numerous people. Mainly females. In the 1970's and a few in the 1980's Maryland was the major place, but there were a few other places. Some people say he did these actions because of his mother. She beat him violently and made him watch her with her "clients". Also his mothers lover Uncle Bernie introduced Henry into beastiality, teaching Henry to kill the animals after he raped and tortured them.
This has made a difference in his life majorly because he's spending his remainer years in prison.
My overall impression this person is that Eric is truly wonderful and a blessing to have in my life. My overall impression of this person is that he is sick and disgusting. He deserves all the horrible things that come his way.
Jeremy Keevert He is stuck in the middle of his mother and father who are divorced. He doesn't want to make either unhappy, but does because he back mouths and is rude.
He isn't sure about who he wants to live with.
This actions occured back in December when our mom got a new house. He really doesn't know how to be happy with this situation, so it's all he knows how to do. It has completely changed his life. He isn't the sweet child he used to be. He also is a mean sibling. He's not who he once was and he doesn't know how to act matture about this because he is young. He is my little brother and I love him to death. I just wish he wouldn't be so disrepectful, and that he could respond different to the divorce. Jessica Harper :) I want to be a difference maker. This is because I want to be able to say I changed someone's life for the better (hopefully). I always want to be there for someone when they need me. Doing the best that I can has always been my goal and I want to help people.
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