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Race of Italy 2010

Track guide by Zengő-Dension Team

Zengő Dension Team

on 19 August 2010

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Transcript of Race of Italy 2010

2010 Race of Italy Round 3 of the 2010 FIA
World Touring Car Championship Rettifilo Michelisz on his way to his first victory in the 2008 SEAT Leon EuroCup WTCC 2007 Round 20 - Monza Race 2 First 4 insane laps Curva Grande 20 months after winning his first international race Norbert Michelisz returns
to Monza in the FIA WTCC with the same aim as he had back in 2008: to go for the pole position and possibly win ...and reunites his former teammate, Gábor Wéber Since Monza 2008 Wéber only
raced a SEAT in Imola 2009 Lower kerbs Variante della Roggia “Personally I’m not so happy with [the lower kerbs]
because I think a lot of drivers will cut the chicanes." Norbert Michelisz Curva di Lesmos "This is a track where all of us await for a good result; mainly the qualification is when a good performance can be expected from Norbi, we’ve seen how many different elements need to be in place to get a good result. We’ll try to shine on the qualification,”
György Juni,
Team Manager Curva di
Serraglio Flat out Curva di Vialone "I still have those memories. The victory in 2008 is maybe one of the most important results of my career," Norbert Michelisz Curva Parabolica "The first chicane is the most important part of the circuit along with the Parabolica" Norbert Michelisz Modified chicane layout LAP DISTANCE: 5,793 m RACE DISTANCE: 2 x 9 laps 1:58.395/176.14 kph,
Gabriele Tarquini (Alfa Romeo 156),
28 Mar 2004 Qualifying lap record: Race lap record: 1:59.058/175.16 kph,
Jörg Müller (BMW 320i),
10 Apr 2005
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