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No description

Choi jaehyeok

on 12 October 2013

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Transcript of 연료전지

05101385 최재혁 승호준
1. Outline and Problem Definition

2. Brainstorming

3. Idea summary

4. Literature investigation research

5. Marketing research

6. Patent investigation


8. Conclusion
1. Outline and Problem Definition
We need alternations except natural energies
as solar wind plants
2. Brainstorming
Hydrogen Container is the main problem of fuel cell.
If we made Hydrogen as much as we need.
3. Idea summary
4. Literature investigation research
5. Marketing research
Figure 5 Toshiba’s new fuel cell mp3 player runs for around 60 hours on a 10 ml charge of concentrated methanol (courtesy of Toshiba).
Portable Fuel Cell Generator (Source: US Department of Energy).
The largest digester gas fuel cell (1 MW) in King County (courtesy of the King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks, US)
When we need Oxygen and Hydrogen we can make as much as we need.

This system need other energy.

support system is also a good alternation.

If the system is cocmplicated that means we need to wait
to make electrocity.
Fuel cell and solar power ship
그림으로 보는 연료전지 - 혼마타쿠야
연료전지 개론 - Prof. Ryan O'hayre
요모조모 궁금한 연료전지를 알고싶다 - GB기획센터
수소연료전지Handbook - 남기석
특허검색 www.kipris.or.kr
에코타임스 "서울, ’14년까지 ‘수소발전소’ 29곳 건립"
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