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Flying Cars

No description

Sydni Scott

on 1 April 2013

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Transcript of Flying Cars

Flying Cars Flying Cars: What is it? Flying Cars have long since been the fantasy of modern time. A
vehicle that is able to exclude you from the annoying traffic of your daily commute, exponentially cut down on transportation time, and help the firefighters out with saving cats from trees. This seems like the invention of the century! So what is a flying car exactly?
A flying car is a vehicle that is able to travel both on roads and in the air. It is both an aircraft and an automobile. The Pros and Cons of Flying Cars Prototypes The Curits Autoplane in 1917 was one of the first experiments of flying cars ever invented. It had three wings that spanned 420 feet. It never flew but managed several short hops. One of the newer prototypes is the Dr. Paul Moller’s Sky Car. Using a eight rotary engines and clean engine fuel, Dr. Moller hopes his flying car will soon be available commercially Of course, with every decision and invention, . ... there are pros and cons.
Pros: A flying car cuts down on ground traffic, is able to transport things faster such as produce, and today's deliveries will actually be today
Cons: These cars are more dangerous than regular cars, and due to the extreme manufacturing cost prices will be greatly increased By Sydni Scott Design and Technology What differs in this flying car from past flying prototypes is that this car is equipped with with a dual 530cc rotor Rotapower engine. The pollution from one Rotapower engine in one year is equivalent to the pollution produced from two-stroke jet-ski produce in one day. The engine is lightweight combined with its ability to run on many common fuels, its flexibility and virtual freedom from vibration is one of the most important reasons the Moller SkyCar is the flying car that might become apart of our every day living. The engine powers two propulsion fans which allow the car to drive on solid surface as well as fly in the air. The vehicle is a vertical take off and landing mechanism and the pods rotate to direct thrust. Paul Moller has created the SkyCar which although is currently under development, is planned to be available commercially. The SkyCar is powered with a Rotapower engine. Paul Moller has invested $200 Million on his invention and wants to improve the daily lives of Nationally and Internationally Moller SkyCar A Place at the Table Now the question is how and when will this car be entwined with our daily lives? Paul Moller hopes that his new invention will be integrated into the daily lives of millions of Americans as close as 2020. However, as news of his success circulates throughout the inventing society, competition to create a feasible flying car will erupt and the race to bring the first flying car to the market will begin. Hopefully, Paul Moller along with many others, will be eager to give the flying car a seat at the table of both amazing inventions and also a seat at the table of daily technology. If there are more out there like Moller, we can hope to see flying cars in the near future. THE END
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