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Suzanne Collins final presentation

No description

Alden Tindall

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of Suzanne Collins final presentation

I am doing my presentation on
Suzanne Collins, a famous teen and pre-teen author. Suzanne Collins By: Alden Tindall Some of you may have realized that she hasn't come out with very many books yet, because she is a relatively new author. Suzanne Collins, was born in 1962,
in the state of Connecticut. She has been the writer for "Clarissa Explains It All","The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo" and the more recent shows she has done are"Little Bear," "Oswald" and"Cliffords Puppy Days". The newest show she has written for is"Wow Wow Wubbzy". She was a writer for the station "Nickelodeon," before she became a novelist. While she was working on the show "Genaration O" at "Kids WB," she met the famous author James Proimos, and he said she should give writing books a try. Suzanne's next books were "When Charlie McButton Lost Power," the "Gregor" series and finally the "Hunger Games" series. Then she wrote her first book, "Shelby Woo Fire Proof". it also happens to be my favorite. The "Mocking Jay" is her most recent book, "Mocking Jay" came out in 2010. Here are the covers of the "Hunger Games" series books. These are the "Gregor" series books. And also "When Charlie McButton Lost Power". Style of Writing I think that Suzanne's style of writing is
one that gives you a mystery but explains it enough so you can understand the story. She also likes to write realistic fiction instead of just fiction. Her first books were for younger kids and she slowly raised the bar on her target age group. Thanks For Listening bibliography MLA format:
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