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New Bot

Broward central College B.O.T

Michael Gonzalez

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of New Bot

Issue Review and Status Update: Classroom Technology
Electronic Parking Signs
Jogging/Walking Track
Value Meals Jogging/ Walking Track

-Rubberized Track
-Promote Health and Wellness
-Funding and Location still being researched Electronic Parking Signs

-Request for Funding
-Limited Budget
-Currently Postponed Project Classroom Technology

-Smart boards were installed in classrooms on Central Campus. There are plans to have even more smart boards installed later in the year. 2011- 2012
Willis Holcombe Center Issue: Learning Resource Center Space
Status Update:
The LRC was expanded to include Room 429. Student Government
collected more than 3,400 surveys. 2012- 2013 A. Hugh Adams
Central Campus Student Concerns: Digital Board Meditation Room Water Fountains Meditation Room Issue: Outcome: Students have expressed a desire to have a quiet place on campus. This quiet space would be solely designated for meditation and prayer. Locate a space on campus where students can feel free to meditate and pray. This promotes a holistic approach that fosters spiritual development and positive mental health. Issue: Water Fountains Digital Board Students would like a digital board in a high student traffic area. The board would help to market programs and events as well as highlight important registration and financial aid deadlines. Issue: Outcome: There are some outdated water fountains on campus that do not provide cold water. Inadequate water filtration leads to yellowed water. Install new water fountains in accessible areas throughout campus. Ensure that new fountains provide cold filtered water. This would help students remain hydrated in the hot South Florida heat while also promoting health and wellness. Value Meals Outcome: -Conduct a feasibility report to identify prime location for a digital board.
-Meet with various stakeholders to agree on content. -The College has a new food provider.
-Food Services Incorporated (FSI) is now offering value meals. 2012-2013
Willis Holcombe Center Student
Issues: Outcome: The current layout in the lobby includes a Dunkin' Donuts kiosk and some seating space. There is just enough furniture to accommodate students that purchase their food at the kiosk. Issue: Create a seating arrangement that includes more desks and chairs. This would help to create extra study space for students. J. - They now offer students a daily value meal for $5.83.
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