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What Melts Ice The Fastests?

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kacey lozano

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of What Melts Ice The Fastests?

What substance (salt, pepper,
sugar, or cinnamon) melts ice the

If I test different type of substances on ice, then, it will melt faster because each substance has different chemicals in it.

-The independent variable is the different substance used on the ice.

-The dependent variable is what melts the ice the fastest

-The control group is the ice.

-This experiment was be repeated 3 times.
The salt ended up melting the ice first in about 30 minutes. Second was sugar, third was cinnamon, and fourth was pepper which didn't do anything.
Salt melted the fastest out of the 4 because salt lowers the freezing point of water. Which is why they put salt in ice-cream.
In conclusion, my hypothesis was correct. If I put different type of substances on ice, then it would melt the ice faster. I learned that the chemicals in different substances effect water whenever put on top of it.
What Melts Ice The Fastests?
1. Place the same size ice cube in 4 bowls.

2. Place the same amount of salt, pepper, sugar, and cinnamon in each bowl on top of the ice cube.

3.Time and record the data in which substance melted the fastest.
-4 of the same size ice cubes
-4 small bowls

Experimental Design
Substances melting ice
Putting substances on ice
Me with my experiment
All ingredients layed out
Ice in the bowls
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