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Flipping Your Student's Learning

No description

Tim Murphy

on 11 July 2013

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Transcript of Flipping Your Student's Learning

Flipping Your Student's Learning
Flipped Classroom/ Flipped Learning
Direct Instruction
Student-centered learning

teacher created video as the essential learning.

Using videos in your lesson allows you to use class time in the best way possible.
What Comes Out?
Consider what can be removed from instruction to increase the value of face-to-face time with students.

traditional lectures

direct instruction
What is a Screencast?
Software that captures and records your computer screen.

powerpoint slides
naviagation to a website
pen strokes

Can include:
your voice
webcam of your face
digital pen
The Best Use of Face Time
Where do your students need more face time?
A: introducing a subject in a lecture
B: struggling to understand and apply what they have learned

Teacher lectures during class then students go home and apply what they have learned in homework.

Classroom Flipped:
Students watch a video of a lecture/idea then come into class and apply what they have learned.

allows for more one-on-one, small group instruction, help those who struggle or challenge those that have mastered the content.
Self-Paced Learning
Students will have an entire library of instructional videos at their disposal
- They can now learn at their OWN pace!

Students must demonstrate that they have mastered a particular set of objectives before moving on to the next set.
Assessing for Mastery

- Teacher provides constant
formative assessment
and feedback

Assessment continued...
Students can retake any assessment

- multiple opportunities to demonstrate understanding

- removes the competitive and punitive components of assessment
Students are required to demonstrate a minimum level of
before proceeding in the curriculum
Teacher can keep track of student progress
and provide more support for those who
need it
Universal DESIGN for Learning
Allow students to demonstrate their understanding in several ways

- create a project
- design a video game
- develop a presentation
- design a poster

Students are able to tap into their
to demonstrate their understanding!
Video creation allows for teachers to...

record 10-15 minute lecture to be viewed outside of class time,
it's convenient

give an overview of upcoming unit

pose questions, they then develop their own questions to accompany the video

provide prerequisite content for future learning
Enter Bloom and Mastery Learning
redefine class time as student- centered environment
Use projects at the BEGINNING of a unit, instead of the end.

Start with a problem to solve.
Use videos (screencasts) and other resources as needed.
Learning begins at the top of Bloom’s taxomony, while still addressing the same learning objectives.

Accommodations for IEPs and ESLs easy to provide.

View lessons multiple times.
Stop/rewind as needed.
Work at own pace: review lesson, confer with teacher, complete an assignment, complete an assessment




Across-the-board approach is unnecessary

What activities can be shifted OUT of class?
Which cannot?
Start slowly – Consider flipping one lesson or unit per term.
Don’t be afraid to use videos or screencasts created by others.

"Let's go to the flicks."

Videos shift lower levels of Bloom's taxonomy out of the classroom

More class time on tasks that apply, analyze, evaluate, and create
top-down vs bottom-up approach
See it in use!
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