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What is a typical Australian By Estella Gastaldon

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Elizabeth Harris

on 17 September 2015

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Transcript of What is a typical Australian By Estella Gastaldon

devices and occupations
What I thought a typical Australian was
My cencus data
From the Australian bureau of statistics, the typical Australian family owns 2 cars is married with 2 children am boy and a girl. The oldest child is 9 and the youngest child is 6. An occupation for a man is a truck driver, electrician or a rentail manager. A woman's occupation is a genral clerk, primary school teacher or a office manager.
how am a typical Australian
I am a typical Astralian because i have married parents there are 2 children in a family. I own 2 cars and I own a 3 bedroom house.
In my family we own 7 electrical devices altogether, most of them are my mine and my mum's.

My dad's occupation is a carpender, he builds unit's, houses and also buy a house and then fix it so we can rent it.
My Mum's occupation is a office worker she pays the bills and mostly works all day at home.
Mostly my family goes on holiday's every year around Australia like Sydeny. Most Australians o to Fiji or Hawaii.
My family owns 2 vehicles ones a car and ones a truck.
My mum uses the car to drive us to school and my dad uses his truck to go to work.
What is a typical Australian By Estella Gastaldon
before searched my information I thought a typical australian lived in a unit with an average 4 people in a family with 2 children and 2 parents. An occupation for a woman was a office worker and a mans occupation was a carpender. I also thought it had 2 pets and a pool.
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