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Step up to writing process

Step up

Matt Hartman

on 6 October 2010

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Transcript of Step up to writing process

Step up to Writing green red yellow Composition, or story, or essay, or .... 1. Green Sentences 2. Yellow
Sentences 3. Red Sentences ...this is the writing program we use that focuses on making the writing process simple and easy to remember. so let's break it down... TOPIC SENTENCE: A sentence that STARTS a paragraph and introduces the MAIN IDEA of the paragraph. A topic sentence MUST tell the reader what the paragraph will be about. Give a specific example or explain the previous yellow sentence. You have become familiar with the three mains steps in writing by relating them to colors : POWER NUMBER TOPIC SENTENCE:

A power number topic sentence

is a topic sentence that uses

a NUMBER WORD in it to

organize and introduce the

ideas the paragraph will be

about. ...there are SPECIFIC number words and GENERAL number words... Can you think of a few examples??? POWER NUMBER TOPIC SENTENCE EXAMPLES:

Topic: Why People Should Not Smoke

1.People should not smoke for several reasons.

2.There are a number of reasons why smoking is dangerous to one’s health.

3.Smoking causes many health problems in the human body. Yellow sentences slow down and give a REASON, FACT, or DETAIL that supports your topic sentence. EXAMPLE

Topic Sentence - There are several reasons fall is my favorite season.

Yellow #1 - First, I love the way the trees change colors.

Yellow #2 - Second, fall holidays are my favorite.

Yellow #3 - Last, the weather is perfect. Transition Words

They should include a transition word to guide the reader.

Transition words help the reader to keep track of the yellows and recognize new ones.
Transition Words First
First of all
One reason
In addition Another
Third Specific Number Words

Four General Number Words

A few
A Number of
Many There are several reasons fall is my favorite season.

First, I love the way the trees change colors.
The trees near my house turn red, orange, and yellow. Halloween is coming up soon; I am going to be a ghost this year. It is not as hot as summer, and not
as cold as winter. Second, fall holidays are my favorite.

Last, the weather is perfect. 4. Conclusions A conclusion sentence goes back to

the topic sentence to remind the

reader about the main idea of the

paragraph. Strategies for writing conclusion sentences:

The Synonym Strategy
Synonyms: words with similar meanings Examples:

nice, kind.

mean, cruel, rude

tasty, delicious, yummy Step #1: Look at the topic sentence.

Step #2: Pick out 2 important words in the topic sentence and underline them.

Step #3: Write synonyms for those underlined words.

Step #4: Write a conclusion using the synonyms. Step #1: Topic Sentence: I would organize
my room by doing three things.

Step #2: I would organize my room by doing three things.

Step #3: Synonyms:
organize = arrange, set uproom= area, living space

Step #4: Conclusion:
By following these steps, I will be able to arrange my space the way I like!
Put it into action!
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