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Rooftops Gardens

No description

Dainty Fordjour

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Rooftops Gardens

Conclusion by: Odaliz, Dainty and Jacob. ;) I think that rooftop gardens are a very good idea because plants can create oxygen, and can give animals habitats. Also, they can provide good produce for people. But, air pollution might cause them to not grow well, but it is worth taking the chance.
-Jacob Advantages Disadvantages -Rooftop gardens needs a lot of water to maintain it so it'll cause problems in the buildings water supply
-Leakage can occur if the membrane that covers the roof is penetrated.
- Roofs that receive high winds may lose a lot of plants and seeds during certain seasons. Roof top Gardens Environmental Impact *Rooftop gardens can reduce runoff
*Rooftop gardens can help improve the quality of the atmosphere by cooling it.
*They provide a habitat for wildlife.
*They reduce air pollution -They can produce food
-The plants are useful for other purposes such as medicine
-Buildings with roof gardens benefit from increased thermal as well as noise insulation.
-Plants have the ability to reduce the overall heat absorption of the building which then reduces energy consumption Conclusions Roof top gardens are a good idea which combine the benefits of having a garden. A cost saving idea that will cut down your utility bills and save money with food that can be grown in the gardens.
-Dainty An idea used by the Mayans even they knew it was a good idea. Roof top gardens do not only make the buildings look better it also helps the environment. They have a lot of advantages especially with animals and the environment.
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