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The Hobbit

No description

eika ilarraza

on 17 November 2014

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Transcript of The Hobbit

Find an example of foreshadowing at the beginning of this chapter when Bilbo is alone
in the tunnel.
Chapter 5 : Study guide
What has roots as nobody sees,
Is taller than trees,Up, up it goes,And yet never grows?
2. Tolkien is a master of language. Even though The Hobbit is written mostly in prose,
Tolkien includes many songs and sentences with poetic elements. Sometimes they have
meter like the lines in a poem. Find a short passage in this chapter that illustrates his
poetic writing style.
Gollum represents a creature with two personalitys that the power of the ring turned him evil.
3. Many critics believe the character Gollum represents Tolkien’s idea of evil. Cite incidents
from this chapter to support or refute this idea.
If Gollum wins he gets to eat Bilbo if Bilbos wins Gollum does what ever Bilbo wants.
4. What are the rules Bilbo and Gollum agree to concerning the riddle contest?
The Hobbit
Eika P. Ilarraza Olmedo

It is said that more than anything else this particular foreshadows the trilogy.
5. Under what conditions can someone wearing the ring be seen?
bilbo put's the ring one and when hes almost on the exist jumps over gollum head.
6. In what way is Bilbo’s eventual escape from the caves an example of irony?
Only in full sun ligth you can see the shadow.
7. One of the characteristics of a hero is a sense of fair play. In what way does Bilbo
demonstrate this trait in this chapter?
He knew that gollum would not know was in hes pocket so he gave him 3 chances
8. What was Gollum like before finding the ring? Describe Gollum’s corruption through
its power. Find a passage that explains the transformation.
he had been underground along time , he remember he lived with his grandmother
summary of chapter 5:Riddles in the Dark
When Bilbo regains consciousness, he can see nothing in the darkness. Feeling around on the floor, he happens to come across a ring, which he puts in his pocket. He has no idea where the rest of the company is, or in which direction the exit lies. Picking the path he feels he had been traveling with the dwarves, he soon comes across an underground lake. There, he discovers a strange creature named Gollum. When Gollum sees Bilbo prowling around, obviously lost, he is interested and a bit hungry, so he approaches the hobbit. Bilbo brandishes his sword when he hears Gollum’s hissing voice.

Gollum does not wish to contend with the sword, so he proposes a riddle game. If Gollum’s riddle stumps Bilbo, he will eat Bilbo, but if Bilbo’s stumps Gollum, Gollum will show Bilbo the way out of the mountain. Bilbo has no choice but to agree, and they begin asking each other riddles. In the end, Bilbo wins through a bit of trickery. Referring to the ring he had found, he asks, “What have I got in my pocket?” and Gollum cannot guess the right answer. Gollum, however, does not intend to let his meal get away so easily. He goes to his island in the middle of the lake to get his “precious,” a golden ring that makes its wearer invisible—the very ring that Bilbo had found.

Unable to find the ring, Gollum suspects the hobbit of stealing it and runs at him in a rage. Through sheer luck, Bilbo happens to slip on the ring, and Gollum runs right past him. Realizing the ring’s power, Bilbo follows Gollum, who heads toward the exit thinking that Bilbo is ahead of him. When Gollum gets near the exit, he stops because there are goblins crowded around it. Bilbo leaps over him, runs past the goblins unnoticed thanks to the ring, and just barely manages to squeeze through the door into freedom and fresh air.
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