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A2 Unit 6 Exam

No description

Alistair Thompson

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of A2 Unit 6 Exam

The Exam Overview Practical Biology
and Investigative Skills Unit 6 This unit will assess students’ knowledge
and understanding of experimental procedures and techniques and their ability to plan whole
investigations, analyse data and to evaluate their
results andexperimental methodology. Question 3 This question will test students’ ability to plan a safe scientific
investigation, suggest ways in which the data collected might be
analysed and evaluate the limitations of their planned methodology.
Students will be expected to:
(i) explain reasons for their choice of apparatus and techniques
(ii) assess the main risks associated with their planned approach and suggest ways of minimising these risks
(iii) suggest suitable preliminary investigations which would helpthem decide on final method details
(iv) describe their planned method in sufficient detail to explainhow all important variables are to be controlled and the type and range of data they intend to collect
(v) describe suitable means of data analysis which are carefully matched to the suggested hypothesis and methodology
(vi) demonstrate an awareness of the limitations of their
suggested approach. Examination Paper This unit is assessed by means of a written examination
paper of 1 hour 30 minutes’ duration. The paper will
contain three questions. Students may be required to
apply their knowledge and understanding of biology from both the AS and A2 units in planning a complete
investigation in some detail.
The total number of marks available for this
examination paper Question 1 This question will test students’ knowledge and understanding of
the experimental principles and applications of the practical work
they have undertaken in Units 1, 2, 4 and 5.
Students will be expected to be able to:
(i) show a clear understanding of the underlying principles of
the experimental procedures and techniques they have used
(ii) be aware of the advantages and limitations of the
experimental procedures and techniques they have used
(iii) give an account of practical details which illustrate their
familiarity with the experimental procedures and techniques
listed in the AS and A2 specifications
(iv) explain how the experimental procedures and techniques
with which they are familiar might be used to investigate a
suggested hypothesis
(v) use biological knowledge and understanding to explain and
justify a hypothesis which might be tested by using familiar
procedures and techniques. Question 2 This question will test students’ ability to tabulate and manipulate raw data and to recognise anomalous results and explain how they may be dealt with appropriately. They will be expected to be able to suggest suitable statistical tests and interpret their results.
Students will be expected to:
(i) format tables for data using clear titles, appropriate
significant figures and SI units where appropriate
(ii) distinguish between anomalous results and small
experimental variations, and take account of the differences
in manipulating the data
(iii) select appropriate methods of manipulating data to aid
the analysis of a stated hypothesis and carry out simple
(iv) select and draw an appropriate graphical representation of data
(v) name and interpret appropriate statistical tests for
significant differences between means and medians,
correlations and associations by demonstrating an
understanding of the application of a null hypothesis and 95
per cent confidence limits. June 2012 Question Paper June 2012 Markscheme
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