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Rick Riordan

No description

Destiny Bukowski

on 28 April 2015

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Transcript of Rick Riordan

Richard Russell Riordan Jr. was born in San Antonio, Texas on June 5, 1964. His parents, Richard Riordan and Lyn Belisle, named Rick after his father. But now Richard prefers the name Rick. Rick was an only child.
Interests and Hobbies
Career in Music
Rick Riordan went to college 2 times!Rick went to Alamo Heights High school. When he graduated, he wanted a career in music. He started his career as a musician at North Texas University.

books by rick riordan:
Rick Riordan
Rick Riordan
Rick had many interests and hobbies as a kid. Some are:

Writing books/stories
Newspaper staff
Greek Mythology
Struggling with gym
Rick Faced struggles at a young age. Rick had a strait A report card except for 2 subjects ( writing and P.E ). He was atrocious at spelling and writing words by hand.
He definitely was no jock in sports. "I could never climb that stupid rope."

Rick has wrote 30 books so far! I can't list them all, so these are a few of my favorites:

Percy Jackson's Greek Gods
The Lightning Thief
The Sea of Monsters
The Titan's Curse
The Battle of the Labyrinth
The Last Olympian
The Red Pyramid
The Demigod Files
The Lost Hero
Fun facts
Rick was in a folk rock band at a young age.
Rick was constantly called Ricky Ricardo.Ricky Ricardo was Lucy's husband's name on a hit t.v. show "I Love Lucy."
Rick never went to college to become a writer.
Has book contracts that will keep him busy until 2017.
High school
Won the state award for future writer
Rick takes his first teaching job in New Braunfels, Texas.
Rick's first son Haley is born.
Had his first book published (The Big Tequila)!
Rick's son Patrick is born.
Given the Saint Mary's Hall's First Master Degree
The Lightning Thief was published.
Rick quits his teaching job to write full time.
The movie version of the Lightning Thief was released.
The book "The Red Pyramid" won the Children's Choice Awards.
Rick was named Author of the Year for the Lost Hero.
Works Cited
Corbett,Sue.Rick Riordan.New York:Cavendish Square Publishing,2014.
Career In Teaching
After going to college for music, Rick discovered his love for children. He decided he wanted to be a teacher. He went to college at the University of Texas in San Antonio, Texas.
Struggling With reading

Until 6th grade, Rick dreaded reading. He couldn't read books because he became bored a couple pages in. His teacher read the Hobbit to him and he loved it. Then he started a fond for books. Rick loved fantasies and later greek mythology too.
First rejection letter
When Rick was in High School, he wrote a book and sent it to Asimovo's Science Fiction Magazine in 1978. It was the first book he ever wrote. He received a rejection letter weeks later. He took this hard at first. But later his book was published.
Rick married Becky Riordan.
Impacts on others
Rick's book "the Lightning Thief" has become part of the curricula in many schools.
Rick has inspired camps to be like camp Half-Blood in the Percy Jackson books.
By:Destiny Bukowski
One last way to describe Rick is busy.
Rick has been working assiduously as a full time writer.
Rick has written 30 books since 1997.
Rick Riordan has contracts for books that will keep him busy until at least 2017
Another way to describe Rick in compassionate.
Had to learn about his sons Haley's disabilities ( ADHD & dyslexia ) in order to take care of him properly.
When Rick was a teacher, he made sure that every student loved to read some type of book by the end of the school year. Or, his job hasn't finished.
To show his love, he made the fictional character (Percy Jackson) in the Percy Jackson Series have disabilities. He had ADHD and dylexia, like his son Haley.Rick did this to support children with these disabilities.

One way to describe Rick is inspirational.
Inspired camps to be like camp Half-Blood from the Percy Jackson books.
Teachers use " the Lightning Thief " to enter their Homer's and Odyssey book.
Rick's love in kids inspired him to write f
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