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Jazmin Ahumada

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of unicorns

UNICORNS:) Unicorns have powers and they are awesome. They are real. The U.S Government has numerous files about real unicorns and their symbolism. It is believed that a virgin sitting under a tree could catch a unicorn. They unicorn would be irresistibly drawn to the girl and lie down with his head in her lap. While the unicorn slept, the hunter would come and capture the unicorn. If the girl was merely pretending to be a virgin, the unicorn would tear her apart. According to stories, the unicorns alicorn has great medical powers.
The dust from the horn when dusted can protect against deadly diseases if mixed into a potion.
Also if you drank from the horn, you would be protected from poison. The unicorns white coloring made it a natural symbol for purity, chastity and virginity. The mythological unicorn was a symbol of chivalry with qualities befitting their status, proud and almost always untamable by man. Julius Caesar once described the unicorn, saying, "It had a deer's head, elephant's feet, a three-foot long horn, and a boar's tail." The narwhal is a whale that has a single tusk protruding from its forehead. Its tusk is often used as a unicorns horn, and sometimes it ground up and used for its magical powers. There is still something more rare than the unicorns horn, it is the mystic ruby, called a carbuncle. The carbuncle is said to be found at the unicorns base, Some have said that the carbuncle is the source of a unicorns magical powers, others that it is a concentrated essence of the horn. The chinese unicorn radiates exquisite colors, and has a voice of a thousand wood chimes. It avoids fighting, lives for thousands of years, and has a twelve foot long horn, and it walked so softly its hooves made no sound. The creature is very special to them, and is a creature of great power and wisdom. Its appearance is considered a sign of good fortune. There is a legend that when the world was created, the first god/human, was assisted by four creatures, the dragon, the phoenix, the tortoise, and the unicorn.The tortoise crawled into the swampy wetlands. The phoenix rose into the sky and flew to the open lands. The unicorn galloped into the green forests. The chinese unicorn also has the body of a deer, the lead of a lion, green scales, and a long froth-covered horn.
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