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sydney maas

on 14 November 2013

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Where is it usually located?
The humid subtropical climate can be found on the east coast of continents. It can be found in the southeastern United States, southeastern South America, coastal southeast South Africa, eastern Australia, eastern Asia, from northern India through south China and Japan.
What are the temperatures like?
the Humid Subtropical climate is known for hot to warm summers and mild winters. During the summer the average temperature is between 70 F and 80 F. The coldest month usually averages 45 - 50 degrees. Since the humid subtropical climate is found between 20 and 40 degrees latitude, they receive direct sunlight for a long part of the year.
How much precipitation does it receive?
Most humid subtropical areas receive about 48 inches of rain each year. The rain falls throughout the year. The regularly high temperatures evaporate water, which causes humidity and precipitation. The high humidity in this region makes summer temperatures feel even hotter. Humid subtropical areas usually experience strong storms such as tornadoes and hurricanes.
What kinds of vegetation (plants) does it have?
The natural vegetation found in the humid subtropical areas are mainly evergreen trees, bushes and shrubs. these are not the hardy evergreen trees like pine and spruce. Most of these evergreens are more delicate. The reason many plants here are evergreens are because of the long months of warmth and regular rain. these plants have adapted to the regular climate conditions. Many broad-leaf evergreens such as palm trees are found here since the growing season is sometimes 8 months long.
Five plants include:
What kinds of animals does it usually have?
Humid subtropical supports many types of mammals, reptiles, and amphibians. Alligators, deer, and panthers can be found in the us. Brazils subtropical area has the capybara, which is the worlds largest rodent.
Five animals
Whooping Crane
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