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aztec prezi

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dman2000 2000

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of aztec prezi

Aztec the Aztec alphabet
was not really an alphabet
at all it was a seances of pictures coming
together to make a sentence.there are 3 was to use the Aztec alphabet . hear are 2 of those was 1.pictograms
this means basically that what the symbol
looks like is what it is like for insistent
human is human or it could be monkey depending on the shape and color but there was millions and billions of words i wonder how big there dictionary is. 2.indograms
the ideograms is a back up symbol for the symbols that are used to use communicate from long distance or short distance example a rock could mean food to them the Aztec writing system was the same as the Mayan writing system.propley the Aztec people learned how to write by the mayan system of writing. the Aztec literature was written in books made out of minerals made form agarve plant. the books where called codices these books where hand written with dyes (like ink)
the codices contained how to predict the future and also how to keep evil spirits from attacking your crops. the Aztec
the Aztec
was similar to the Mayan. the Aztec number system is not a difficult number system to learn.here is an example how to use it.
1 dot would simply mean 1 and it would keep adding a dot tell 5 than it would only be a single line. for six it would be a line with a dot to represent 6.
ten would be two lines with no dots that represents 10.
but for 15 it would be two lines with out a
dot. the Aztec flag
The sun could mean hope or kindness to others. It could mean beauty and power. Aztec currency.
the Aztec currency is coco beans that's right one of the Aztecs proud findings coco beans.
fully ripe avocado=1 beans
turkey egg=3 beans
pumpkin= 4 beans
small rabbit= 30 beans
turkey hen= 100 beans
gold=250 beans depending
on the size. hi I'm derrian and I'm here with Tommy
and we in the grade 7 class doing a ss project .we are here to talk about the Aztec ways of communication. we are also going to talk about there favorite sports and the
Aztec region and there religion. there are many things in the Aztec culture.you will all so learn about there was of communication Aztec inventions
it depends what do you mean by"invention
because the Aztecs presented alot of inventions to the world they weren't
the most fascinating inventions thou
popcorn,chocolate,and education where nice things to have this was are prezi good thing it did not blow
your minds
now we hope you will like this
pic of a cat in a box.
when did we get a cat?. where did we get a box?. what caused the Aztec empire to fall.
there was a lot of things that could have made the Aztec empire to fall we are not sure what cussed it. there are probable many was that the Aztec empire like for instants sacrifices. killing hundreds of people could set off a big revolution to come and destroyer your kingdom here you see corn which is one of the main
food choices of the Aztec people.thay also like to dine on tomatoes,avocados,a type of porridge called atole,they ate chocolate to fun fact chocolate was only served to warriors, and nobles fun fact the Aztec people believed that maize aka corn could replenish stamina the Aztec people had different sports.
tlachtli that's what the sport or game they played was called.tlachtli was played with a ball that was hit with your hips the court was shaped like capital i.it was 60 meters long by 10 meters wide.thay would have to shoot it in a hop with there knees. it would be a difficult sport to play but the Aztec people where like gods at the sport. the things that i have learned about the Aztec communication. i have learned a lot about there communication. one thing i would love to do is learn there was of writing and and communication. i want to understand there number line more so that i can count to hundred in there was. one thing that i don't understand is who made there language what it is today ways of communication. fun fact Templo Mayor was the
main temple of the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan. The temple rose 60 m (197 ft) above the city's
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