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Los Jugadores from BK

No description

Maira Nolasco

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of Los Jugadores from BK

Los Jugadores from BK
What stories have I found?
Most of the players are really good....so good they were professionals back home, but after immigrating to the States they had to settle because they were not "legally" here.
What about the space?
The space itself is a business.
What do I want
An energetic film
Beautiful shots-portrait like
No sit down interviews
Stories! Stories! Stories
Slow moments that freeze into their stories....then cut right back onto the field
Who are they?
Dudes. from all over Latin America... El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, Brasil y Peru.
Who? What? Where? and Que?
Soccer players that play in Brooklyn(usually)
Why Soccer??
It works as a background story, a theme -that is not really my actual story. It's their lives, their community, their patterns, their jargon, their unity and the realm that this time creates for them.
"The Coach" Stewart Nolasco.
Top basketball player in his High School, traveled through
Central America.
Had to move to the US because of
personal problems
and lost the chance to continue playing.
Today: He's a locksmith and coaches a team which he puts more money into than his wife knows.
Colombian player who went to High School in Brooklyn and was one of the best at the time. Could not continue because he did not have his papers. Once he did get them he was already married with kids and turned down the
2nd division
that accepted him. Today:lives with his wife and three kids, works in a funeral home and is one of the best players on this team.
"The Peruvian"
Played professionally in Peru. Moved to the US and could not continue.
Today: Lives off playing on these teams for
. His wife,
7 months pregnant,
goes with him whenever a team calls him to play. But he plays on this team for free.
The men go to relax, be away from their homes and have a calm drink. Yes....drinks are common on these fields. The person in charge of the space(a field or school ) will pay the security guard a little extra... the coaches will pay a little extra. The team members get paid a little extra.
"I come here to drink and not do anything wrong."
"Then they still go out to bars"
"I met my wife here, she just had a baby 8 days ago."
Steve McCurry
Well, Kinda sorta
I like the energy behind his photographs. Sometimes it's hard not to confuse filming for photographing. But I would like to have shots of these men that could almost pass for photographs if you don't move for three seconds.
A film with energy and portraits
small crew, couple of weeks, knew the shots they wanted, had established a relationship with the family prior to shooting
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