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Strawberry DNA

No description

Pablo Valdez

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Strawberry DNA

Strawberry DNA Estefania Alberto Gustavo MATERIALS Dish Soap Small Beaker Zipper Lock Bag Strainer Tweezers Strawberries Spoon Salt Isopropyl
Alcohol Water Andes Lab Now let´s see...
What you need to do Explanation Did you know that DNA is in
the food you eat? DNA is present in
every cell of all plants and animals and
determines the genetics of the individual
organisms Strawberries are the perfect choice for a DNA extraction lab, because they yield more DNA than any other fruits, and they are octoploid, meaning that they have eight copies of each type of DNA chromosome. These special characteristics make strawberry DNA easy to extract and see.

To extract the DNA, each component plays a part. The soap helps to dissolve the cell membranes. The salt is added to break up protein chains that hold nucleic acids together, releasing the DNA strands. Finally, DNA does not dissolve in isopropyl alcohol. and even less so when
the alcohol is ice cold Real life applications

- genetic engineering
- forensic science
- medicine Thanks
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