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Night By Elie Wiesel

No description

Meghan Bubar

on 18 December 2015

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Transcript of Night By Elie Wiesel

Night By Elie Wiesel
Moved to Ghettos
This is where all the Jews were moved too when they were evacuated from their homes in Sighet.
The synagogues closed
This is what the Nazis did to the Jew's synagogues before they moved to the concentration camps.
Moved by Train to Campd
Hundreds of people were in one cart at a time and would be on there for days on days waiting to get to the camps.
Elie living in Sighet.
Elie's home after the Holocaust broke put and they were moved to the concentration camp.
Went to Auschwitz Camp
This is what the Jew's arrived to when they first came upon the Auschwitz Camp.
Had to Pass Selection
The Jew's would have to pass selection in order to stay alive, they would have to prove that they are strong enough.
They were starved
During this period of time all of the Jew's were starved and they were only allowed to have broth and stale bread.
They Stayed in a Bunk House
They were stationed in bunk houses with with 4-5 people per bed and slept on the wooden board each night.
They had any gold fillings removed
They would get there gold fillings removed from their mouth because the Nazis' wanted all the gold to themselves and not for the Jew's.
They Felt Nonhuman
They weren't treated like they were real people and more so like unwanted beings on the Earth.
Forced to Work
Most Jew's were sent to blocks to work if they were strong enough too. They would be beaten if they didn't do their job.
Forced to Evacuate
They had to leave Buna Camp because the war fronts were getting closer to them most died because of the conditions that they were forced to run in.
People Collapsing because of Conditions
There were a lot of people who collapsed at this time because they were exhausted from being starved and the corpses were just left there with no proper burials.
Russians Defeated the Germans
The Russians defeated the Germans and they freed the Jew's to take them back to their homes.
My Corpse in the Mirror
He stared at the corpse in the mirror and he realized that he had survived the Holocaust.
Meghan Bubar
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