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Grostic Procedure Club

Club Expo presentation

Cameron Stewart, D.C.

on 19 July 2013

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Transcript of Grostic Procedure Club

Grostic Procedure
1930 - Spring
B.J. proclaimed "the principle of

"There could be only one place in the spinal column that a subluxation could exist:
Occipito-atlantal-axial region"

HIO - Toggle
Toggle Recoil -
How the Adjustment Works
Utilizes the mechanical advantage obtained by the toggle mechanism
This puts the vertebra into motion
After obtaining motion -- the vertebra recoils and continues in motion
oscillates until it rests in its appropriate position
This position is predetermined by the patient's innate intelligence
Grostic Procedure
History & Philosophy
Grostic History
First "Official" class was in October 1946
Awarded the first Daniel David Palmer Scientific Award in 1964
Passed away 7 months later with a heart attack
John F. Grostic
Born October 9, 1907
Chiropractic Degree
March 19, 1933
Married Grace Johnson
August 23, 1933
Pre-chiropractic days
Salesman/manager of Holden's (men's clothing store in Ypsilanti, MI
Diagnosed with Hodgkin's disease 1929
A chiropractor in the same building recommended that he go to Davenport
Decided to become a chiropractor
Pre-Grostic Procedure days:
Practiced in Ann Arbor, MI
In a second story downtown building (no elevator)
Three cubicles with a table and neurocalograph
Hodgkin's returned
In 1935, after a hit in the neck area with part of the x-ray machine
Sought care from other chiroprators with no results.
Returned to Davenport
History cont.
Invited to speak at Lyceum

One of eleven founding members of the Palmer Standardized Chiropractic Council

Chiropractors started seeking his help with x-rays and analysis
Grostic Procedure
The development of the technique took time.
It started with the slope of the occipital condyles and articular survaces of the axis.
Continued with developing the analysis, and patient placement of the film
Film analysis has remained essentially unchanged since 1957
Procedure cont.
Dr. John F. Grostic developed supine leg check, which is still used today by different techniques.
The Adjustment has changed over the years.
The force of the thrust was reduced.
Grostic History
Grostic History
John D. Grostic
Born April 23, 1943

Attended lyceum as "family vacations"
Attended Eastern Michigan University
His father passed when he was 21 yrs. old.
Pre-chiropractic days
Worked in his father's practice developing x-rays at the age of 8
Helped with the seminars
Chiropractic days
Graduated from Palmer in 1969
Practiced in Ann Arbor, MI
Started presenting Grostic seminars in 1972
Fellow of the International Chiropractic Association 1975
Taught at PCC in Davenport from 1977-1983
Fellow of the Institute for Chiropractic Research 1981
Private practice in Orlando, FL
Florida State Peer Review Committee (appointed by Govenor)
History cont.
Joined Life College of Chiropractic 1986

Chairman of National Board Question Committee for Neuromusculoskeletal Conditions
History cont.
On April 30, 1992 testified before the Military Personnel and Compensation Subcommittee to support H.R. 608
Involved in the development of the World Health Organization
Director of Research at Life College of Chiropractic until his death in 1995
ICA's Chiropractor of the Year 1994
Orthospinology's Chiropractor o the Year 1995
Fellow in the Palmer Academy of Chiropractic 2002
Dr. John D. Grostic
Best known for his development of the Dentate ligament theory
Conversion of analysis to equations
Specific Equipment Needed
Also made with a rubber toilet plunger
Determine the Presence of a Subluxation
1) Supine leg Length Check

2) Instrumentation

3) Visual / Postural Analysis

4) Palpation - Static / Motion

5) Scanning Palpation
General Procedure Steps
Leg Check
Atlas Adjustment
PCCF Upper Cervical Club
Meeting Time and Locations
Mondays @ 9:30 in Room 2275
X-ray analysis and positioning
Wednesdays @ 1:30 in Room 2225
Presentation of Research
Practice with Coordinators, Titron, Leg Check, and Patient placement.
Upper Cervical History
Orthogonal Organizations
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