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Emma Characters & Plot Line

No description

Jenna Casale

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Emma Characters & Plot Line

Emma Mr. Knightley HIGHBURY Harriet Mr. Elton beautiful match maker intractacble high up on the
social ladder very smart emma's puppet no social class young and naive not a lot of
self-confidence doesn't form opinions on her own Very close to Emma very high up on the
social ladder finds faults in Emma very gentile jerk vicar disrespectful Mr. Woodhouse senial has to have order crazy handsome Hartfield Emma
Mr. Woodhouse Randalls Mr. & Mrs. Weston Downtown Miss & Mrs. Bates Donwell Mr. Knightley Donwell Abby Mr.Elton Miss Bates loquacious paranoid protective past marrying age marrys a lady from Bath Mr. Robert Martin agriculture farmer denied marriage by Harriet gentile some money
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