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Prezi Exploration Of LWA-Yu Kunita

No description

Yu Kunita

on 8 May 2017

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Transcript of Prezi Exploration Of LWA-Yu Kunita

The Different Types of Resilience that are Being Expressed in "Her First Ball" and "The Lady's Maid".
Resilience is the willingness of a person which pushes him/her through the many obstacles that one faces in a life time.
Background Info
KM was very sick when she was working on the stories in GPO;which ended up to be her last collection of short stories. It is reasonable to say that she depicted the characters in a way that gave them resilience because she was resilient herself.
Subtopic 1
Leila, from "Her First Ball" shows resilience as she quickly forgets about the haunting exchange she had with an old man, who she dances with.
Resilience could be gained and/or lost through one's life, and KM uses that characteristic to make her character more lively and ultimately, more relatable.

Subtopic 2

How does KM portray the different kinds of resilience in the characters to make them more precisely detailed and lively?
There are two types of resilience that will be investigated, and they are each found in the stories "Her First Ball" and "The Lady`s Maid".
"Long before that you'll be sitting up there on the stage..."(Mansfield119

-"She didn’t recognize him again”(Mansfield120)
The old man tells her that she will soon turn old, and will loose her charm which is unique to youth. However, she quickly forgets about the event as she has fun. We are not sure if the though ever haunts her again, but the fact that she is over it for now shows that she is resilient.
Ellen , from "The Lady's Maid" also presents a sense of resilience, but a different kind of it.
We could see that Ellen has been through a lot of hardships in her life time. There must of been with countless numbers of factors that helped her get over these obstacles, and resilience is without doubt, one of them.
Is resilience lost or gained through a persons life? Could a human "run out" of resilience? How does this enhance her stories?
Any other ideas that could come up in the up coming process.
Expand and finalize in the conclusion
Add(not finalized)
Finalize after completing the other sections
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