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Educate Tomorrow: Year in Review

Presentation for end of the year board meeting.

Natalie Roling

on 13 December 2010

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Transcript of Educate Tomorrow: Year in Review

..................................................................................................................................... 50 New
Matches Goals for 2011 Events for
Youth 2 College Tours
4 Matching Days
4 Mentor Mingles
100 Kids at Camp New
Programs Pregnancy Prevention Education for Mentors
Additional Mentor Trainings
New Community Partnerships Boys' Camp Habitat for Humanity &
Buffalo Cove Matching Event College Tour Thanksgiving Girls' Camp Year In Review: 2010 Grants Received Children's Trust - $104,000
Andrus Family Fund - $45,000
CNCS - $9,000
Carnival - $5,000
KnowHow2Go - $4,000
USA Funds - $2,500 Community Organizations Volunteers Press Staff Miami-Dade Chamber of Commerce
Miami Woman's Club
Women's Chamber of Commerce
Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce
Girls Coalition of Miami
Coco Plum Woman's Club Virginia Emmons, Natalie Roling, Jennifer Harris, Shawn Joost, Jimi Shopade Erica French, Dave Scott, Kate Vatter, Yael Glick, Mary Kondrachuck 5 VISTA volunteers
60 Mentors
+20 office volunteers
+100 event volunteers Over 20,000 volunteer hours! 20 youth graduated HS/passed GED 10 youth started college 40 Matches Made "Everyone dreams of going to college, but many don't know which one they would like to attend or even if it is possible. Thanks to the tour we were able to see some of the excellent Florida colleges. The tour helped me find out what college has to offer and how it can help me to better my life. This trip opened my eyes to all of the possibilities out there for me. I also made many new friends!"
-Clifton, age 17 "Camp was fun and fulfilling at the same time. One thing I am going to do after camp is be a better leader."
- Christopher Program Success Prep Academy Niger Partnership with SEED School Prep Academy VISTA Shawn & Alhadj at the Black's Gala -
his first visit to America! Board of
Directors Black's Gala & Wine Tasting $50,000 raised @ Wine Tasting What are our goals for next year? Look at everything we have accomplished this year! Pat Gannon & Kara Sharp Melanie Damian & Virginia Emmons Chris Damian Jason Mazer & Kara Sharp Ivette Day Antonio Shelton Hosted Mentor Mingle
Printed mentor handbooks Secured SEED Partnership Special Thanks: Ambassador, performer, spokesman at ET events Restaurants for Events Gala Chairs Fundraising Star
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