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Atomic Bomb WWII

No description

Kaiya Callanta

on 7 October 2015

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Transcript of Atomic Bomb WWII

Atomic Bomb WWII
Group Members: Emma L. Lea W. Shaylin E. Kaiya C.
The Manhattan Project was created in 1912 as a government program developing the atomic bomb
The atomic bomb was initially created as a race between the U.S. and Germany to see who could create the first atomic bomb as the second world war was beginning
The U.S. feared that Germany had an advantage when it came to WWII if Adolf Hitler’s scientist workers created the atomic bomb before the U.S.
What was the Manhattan Project?
A letter sent to President Franklin Roosevelt by Albert Einstein in 1939 mentioned the ongoing work in nuclear physics that could possibly lead to the construction of “extremely powerful bombs” started the Manhattan Project
When did it start and who was involved?
at first $6,000 were planned
eventually, the Manhattan Project cost 2 billion dollar
Testing of the Atomic Bomb
During the 1930's, scientists from Western Science discovered how to split an atom creating the Atomic Bomb
On July 16, 1945 in Alamogordo, New Mexico, the first atomic bomb was detonated
The force of the blast equaled about 20k tons of TNT
Which made a fireball over 10k times hotter than the sun
Was built on an isolated tract on the Columbia river
Number of different locations.
The Manhattan project was a secret gov. program for development for an atomic bomb
They could not talk about anything that involved with the Manhattan Project
How was the secrecy kept about the project?
Why did the Manhattan Project start?
Scientists believed that the process of nuclear fission could be the most powerful weapon
many of the best mind workers came to the US
Einstein delivered a letter to President Roosevelt
the largest available source of uranium as located in Belgian Congo
What was the cost of the Manhattan Project?
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