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Teen Smoking

No description

Kenneth Mcmillan

on 14 May 2015

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Transcript of Teen Smoking

Teen Smoking
Kenneth McMillan
Mod 2; A-Day

WTGI Teen Smoking!!
Which age group do you think is more prone to smoke?
Why Teens Smoke
Teens Smoke mainly because celebrities do it and see smoking as being cool
Some Teen's even smoke because they see it as a stress reliever and a way to get away from the drama of life
Then the worst of all, some Teen's smoke because they see they're parents do it
Parents who smoke are 15x more likely to have children who smoke
Some study's have shown that smoking can reduce weight, but the reason this happens is because teens would rather smoke than eat
Why Teen's should stop Smoking
Smoking benefits no one
Smoking cigarettes causes lung cancer, emphysema, and Chronic Bronchitis because it contains more than 50 types of dangerous chemicals
About 30 % of teen smokers will die early from a smoking-related disease.
Smoking brings permanent damage to the breathing passage, and destroys lung tissue
Not smoking will help save the planet. Deforestation due to tobacco production makes up for nearly 5% of overall deforestation in the world
Smoking helps bring Carbon Monoxide, Tar, and Nicotine into the air, which is why second-hand-smoking is very dangerous
Smoking is addictive, stops cilia, and decreases amount of oxygen intake
Why smoking hasn't been
banned completely
Who got the
Cite Infromation
Video # 2
Video # 1
How to Quit Smoking
Study's Show..
Study's show that Teen Smoking is a common practice around the world.
80% percent of smokers, began smoking before the age of 18
11% of middle schoolers have reported that they have smoked
3,900 teens begin smoking everyday
Teen's who smoke are more likely to have panic attacks, anxiety disorders, depression, and heart attacks than non-smokers

No one is suggesting a ban against tobacco products .
smoking is the cause of mainly deaths . the government does not want to ban tobacco . they make lots of money from it .
There is lots of health reports like 46 million problems. And from there they get 6 billion dollars from the smokers .
Politicians, Doctors , Health Care Industry , Lawyers don’t want to ban tobacco at all .doctors need it for heath issues . we understand that, but why don’t .
Politicians , Health Care Industry , Lawyers want to ban tobacco. Also since the people that smoke get kids to smoke electric Cigarettes .
The best way to stop smoking is to not smoking in the first place.
To help other people stop smoking it is best to tell them what is going to happen to them if they continue to smoke.
Try to make the person think twice before they smoke again.
Another way to stop smoking is to have more advertisement about how smocking can effect you and others around you

Public health officials, Congress, politicians, and smoking researchers have the power to ban cigarettes
The Federal Government doesn't want to ban Tobacco
CVS is suppose to stop selling cigarettes by October of this year
But Politicians don't want to ban tobacco because it brings millions of dollars to candidates
This helps influence federal policies
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