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hannah hannouch

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Eucharist

by Hannah Hannouch Eucharist The holy Eucharist is one of the four sacraments and it is a sacrifice. The Eucharist other wise known as communion is a time where Jesus or the priest share and offer bread and wine. One of the first Eucharist's was when Jesus and his disciples had the last supper before Jesus was crucified.At every mass that you attend the priest has the Eucharist and it is usually before the homily. What is the Eucharist The first Eucharist was the last supper. This was a time when Jesus and his disciples gathered together and Jesus blessed the bread and wine. The Eucharist originated with the words and actions of Jesus Christ at the last supper. Christianity grew from the jewish roots and the developments of the Eucharist was influenced by the prayer and practice. Origins of the Eucharist The first thing that you have to do is walk up slowly but not to slow and place your hands in front of you. Your arms need to be just above your waist and your hands need to be crossed over each other with your palms facing upwards. As the priest is handing the bread he or she will say "the body of Christ" you will respond by saying "amen". After you have taken the bread you side-step and put it in your mouth at the same time you make the sign of the cross. Then as you walk back to your seat there will be a person with a cup of wine and they will offer it to you. It is optional to drink it or just walk past. How to receive the bread and wine The last supper Thank you for watching

by Hannah Hannouch This is Jesus offering the bread and wine. This is Jesus blessing the bread and wine. Before the last supper Jesus was sentenced to death by the high priests because they wanted to get rid of him.Jesus decided that he wanted to have a last supper with his disciples before he suffered and died on the cross. They all gathered together and shared the bread and wine which Jesus blessed and offered to his disciples. Jesus gave thanks to the bread and offered it saying these word "this is my body". He then gave thanks to the wine and passed it on. In the meantime Jesus did not notice that Judas betrayed him. The next day Jesus died on the cross.
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