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Geoinfo 2013

I framtiden kommer alla att ha GIS i fickan

Lars Backhans

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Geoinfo 2013

Geoinfo 2013
Vart är vi på väg?
Det Moderna GIS:et
Nästa steg?
Bill Gates, Comdex 1994:

”in the future, mobile computing and wireless communication will create a different model of how people work together.
Intelligent applications, high-bandwidth networks, and
innovative devices will connect people and information wherever they are
- from homes, cars, or public kiosks. “

“Do what you want, when you want. With all this programming and information available at any time, you'll need new ways to manage it. Services will group information and programming according to categories you choose. You could also use automatic filters that know your preferences and monitor the networks for entertainment, articles, training programs, and other information of interest to you. Even more engaging, you'll be able to explore-investigating new experiences, meeting people, interacting with anyone connected to the network.”

the vision of information at your fingertips
poses a myriad of challenges, but the reward will be far-reaching.”

Hur gick det?
Bill Gates visste!
I framtiden kommer alla att ha GIS i fickan
Visionen: IAYF
En ny och större roll för geografisk information
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