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Humor Devices

No description

Catherine LeBlond

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of Humor Devices

Humor Devices Irony This advertisement shows a woman putting up a lost sign for her dog. Little does she know, her dog is actually in her butt. This is an example of dramatic irony because the audience knows where her dog is, while she doesn't. The author used this humor device to advertise a light drink; something that may help you lose weight so that you do not end up sitting on your dog and losing it. I found this humor device successful because I actually laughed very hard when I saw this picture. Dramatic Verbal Situational Sarcasm This greeting card shows a man saying he will come and pick his girlfriend up, even though it means losing his parking spot. This is an example of sarcasm because it was a harsh way of telling her that he really did not want to pick her up.
This humor device was successful because it made me laugh a little and worked at making the humor harsh. Hyperbole This is a newspaper clipping from a woman that was told by her boyfriend that he did not want the cat, and the situation was either the cat goes or he goes. This is an example of a hyperbole because the woman is exaggerating the situation and making it way more extreme than it really is by actually putting an ad in the newspaper offering to give up her cat or her boyfriend. This humor device was successful because it made me laugh and was really funny Understatement Malapropism Oxymoron I Never
I never put my things away.
I never dust my room.
I never fix the things I break.
I never use a broom.
I never take the garbage out.
I never buy the food.
I never get embarrassed
when a person sees me nude.
I never clean the table tops.
I never scrub the floors.
I never turn the TV off.
I never lock the doors.
I never wash the dinner plates.
I never say a word.
I never knew that life would be
so easy for a bird!
Copyright © 2006 Darren SardelliAll Rights Reserved This poem is about a bird saying all the things it never does. You do not know it is a bird, however, until the very end. This is an example of situational irony because you would just assume that the poem is about a lazy person that never does chores, but it took an unplanned twist and it ended up being about a bird. This makes the poem humorous because it is unexpected. The author was successful with the humor device because it made me laugh and that is what was intended when using a humor device This greeting card is of a girl that has put off her homework for a while and was probably told she was a procrastinator. She uses verbal irony by saying that she saved it for later, then she would be older and wiser and would supposedly do it better. This obviously is not what she meant because that is not true. She was just procrastinating and was making an excuse for not doing her homework. The author's purpose was to create a relateable situation that we probably have all been in and made it ironic and funny. The author was successful because I can relate to this and it made me laugh. This picture shows a roadsign in the desert warning people of sand. This is an example of an understatement because it was quite obvious that there was sand for miles and miles. The creator's purpose in using understatement was to make the fact that there was so much sand humorous. This humor device was successful because the creator used understatement correctly and it was funny. This picture is of a bear saying that he built the table with his bare hands. This is an example of malapropism because instead of using 'bare', the author used 'bear' to make it humorous, since he is a bear and has bear hands. This was a very successful humor device because it made me laugh a lot and I thought it was really funny. "Beautiful Disaster"
Oh and I don't knowI don't know what he's afterBut he's so beautifulSuch a beautiful disasterAnd if I could hold onThrough the tears and the laughterWould it be beautiful?Or just a beautiful disaster This song is about a man that a woman is trying to stay with, but she does not know if it would work out or not. This is an example of an oxymoron because the words "beautiful" and "disaster" are contradictory and create an image of something beautiful being a terrible mistake. This is not a successful use of the humor device because it does not make the song humorous, it just makes it sad. Pun This is a picture of a cats covered in remote controls that says, "This isn't even remotely funny". This is an example of a pun because it uses "remote" in two different ways; as a remote control and remote as in something with distant connection. The pun makes the picture funny because the cat is covered in remotes and it actually IS funny. That is why the humor device is successful.
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