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Thinking in Zoom

No description

James Carlson

on 25 November 2017

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Transcript of Thinking in Zoom

Thinking Zoom
We are used to making presentations
this way
But most ideas are really more like
Prezi gives you the best of both worlds
Explore linear and non-linear
Steps to Thinking Zoom
1. Add all the ideas of your topic
3. Arrange the topics into the metaphor
2. Imagine a framing visual metaphor
Size = Importance
Place = Relationship
4. Create the path of exploration
Let's explore the world of Prezi!
Start a new Prezi
Add all the topics
Click anywhere to type
Keep adding ideas everywhere, without regard for how it looks or where things go, at the moment. Just get it all out there!
Brainstorm the metaphor
Ask yourself:
When you look at your whole idea, what does it remind you of?
Create the Path
Now that all the elements are placed, use the 'F' (Frame) to create focus around the items that are important.

Then use P to enter (P)ath mode and click on all the frames you want to add to the path.
Is there any 'bigger picture' you can use to hold the whole idea?
1. Build the bigger picture with art and imagery.

2. Move your contents around until they fit the big picture. To move, click and drag!
Press 'L' to 'Load' files and images
Press 'S' to add 'Shapes'
Use the 'Insert' menu to add artwork and symbols
5. Walk through, prepare to present
6. Add the 'Big Reveal'
All the frames can be distracting.
Using the 'Invisible' frame keeps the focus on your content.
Explore the path!
Press 'space' to switch to Presenting mode
Use the arrow keys to navigate through the presentation
Imagine how you would deliver the presentation
Are there places where you can add more frames? More focus?
What will people see?
Set the 'Screen Ratio' so your frames will always match the projection screen.

Hold down 'Shift' while drawing frames to keep the ratio intact.
The path is the most powerful part of Prezi.
Turn on Keyboard Shortcuts.
F - Draw frame. Press again to change the frame type (bracket, circle, rectangle or hidden).
L - Load a file on your canvas (image, video, PDF, SWF).
S - Draw a shape. Press again to change shape type (arrow, line, rectangle, circle, triangle).
P - Go to Path mode
Space - Presentation mode
Esc - stop typing in a box, or de-select the item

Notice the movement between frames. If items are far away from each other, it takes longer and zooms more.
Avoid motion sickness! Use rotation sparingly, or not at all.
Keep the eyes steady and the brain happy!
Find the Big Reveal
By focusing on all the little details first, you can save the Big Reveal for later. Tie it all together by showing your audience the big picture at the right moment.
Other workshops forthcoming
Thank you
07 88 81 92 87

Review your Prezi again. Adjust your path -- and think about the moments when you can 'reveal' the big picture!
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