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Pennsylvania Colony

overview of the Pennsylvania Colony

Meghan Reith

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of Pennsylvania Colony

The Pennsylvania Colony By: Meghan Reith Founded by William Penn The colony was given to William by the British
king and queen to pay off debt owed to
William's father. Also, it was a safe haven for
Quakers to escape from persecution from
Puritans. Religion The main religion was Quaker, but you
could be any religion you chose. Economy They manufactured textiles, paper, arts and crafts, and built ship. Home manufacturing grew rapidly. They also had sawmills and gristmills which were powered by streams. The Pennsylvanians had small family farms with fertile soil. They farmed corn, rye,
wheat, dairy, and cattle. Middle Colonies In the 17th century school was made mandatory. In 1730, 4,000 slaves were brought to Pennsylvania. There were three classses the gentry class, the middle class, and the lower class. Daily Life The people in the gentry class were considered
the rich and best educated. The people in the middle class were the
farmers and small merchants The people in the lower class were sailors
and apprentices. Families
father head of house
seven children, aunts uncles, grandparents
made of wood and mud
candles main source of light
men carved wood for tools, toys and household items
showed status in the colony
mostly made out of cotton or linen
gentry class used imported materials for clothes
made by women
died with roots and berries very liberal
constitutional monarchy
Est. 1682 Government Summary every type of religion was welcomed mostly Quakers
farming was really good with fertile soil
3 types of classes: gentry class. middle class, lower class
farmed wheat, rye, corn, cattle and dairy
constitutional monarchy
about 7 children per family The Pennsylvania Colony was part of the middle colonies What are three unique qualities about this colony that
would draw families from Europe to live here? There are three unique qualities about the Pennsylvania colony that would draw families from Europe to live here. The first is religion. Any religion is welcomed and it was a safe haven for Quakers so they weren't persecuted by Puritans. Second, is the farming. The farming season was very long. Also, they had fertile soil great for growing plants. The food would be plentiful so they wouldn't have to worry about starving. Third, the government is a liberal constitutional monarchy. This means that the people would get more of a say so than other governments. The End
Thanks for watching! :)
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