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Pollution in Our Water

A Prezi on Water Pollution, by Anna Chen

Anna Chen

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of Pollution in Our Water

Pollution in Our Water By Anna Chen A Prezi on Water Pollution WATER POLLUTION Wait, So what is Pollution? Types of Water Pollution There are many types of water pollution from that water bottle sitting in
the creek to the headline oil spills. WATER SUPPLY IS THREATENED? HOW? REALITY CHECK! Yes. Water is constantly polluted everywhere, causing water supply to be
threatened. If this is there continues to be a lot of water pollution, the more
unhealthy Earth and its enviroment will become. Pretty soon large quantities of water can't be used because of so much water pollution. All the different types of water pollution will play role to threatening water supply. Who/What is Threatening Water Supply? HUMANS Humans often threaten water supply by littering, wasting usable water, dumping
trash that doesn't belong into water, using pesticides that well flow into bodies of water, and much more. 1st Hour-Babb INDUSTRIES Industries produce a lot of waste and sometimes dumps the waste into our water. Many of these wastes include harmful chemicals that aren't good for the enviroment. Many things are threatening water supply, such as us, humans, industrial waste, marine dumping, and oil pollution in our water. MARINE DUMPING Want to go for a swim? Dumping trash and litter in seas, oceans, rivers, etc. Things
in trash can be harmful to animals and may cause death. Also with
trash floating around it will damage the animal's habitat. This will damage
the water supply because the no one wants water that has had waste floating around in it! OIL Oil spills make up 12% of the oil in the ocean. Other oil
comes from travel by ship, dumping, and draining. Oil spills are
cause problems because of much marine wildlife die from it. Littering
Dumping trash and harmful chemicals into water
Oil spills
Groundwater pollution which is often caused by pesticide
contamination from the soil.
Surface water pollution You can help prevent water pollution by not littering, don't dispose harmful things into the water and much more! What can I do? Pollution is when you put catastrophic substances or products in
the enviroment. THANK YOU! http://www.water-pollution.org.uk/ SOURCES http://www.waterbenefitshealth.com/types-of-water-pollution.html http://www.soest.hawaii.edu/GG/ASK/waterpol3.html ci.santa-rosa.ca.us postconflict.unep.ch sciencephoto.com lifeoutofplastic.com library.thinkquest.org boston.com mediabistro.com sbrownehr.com en.wikipedia.org http://www.cityofbremerton.com/content/sw_waterpollutionfacts.html
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