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Creative Covers

No description

kaleigh perkins

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of Creative Covers

Creative Covers
What is Creative Covers?
Creative Covers stores have locations around the globe, and a universal online website at creativecovers.com.
Our products will ship worldwide, and arrive in 1-14 days dependent on the customer's location. If the product takes longer that two weeks to ship, the customer will receive a full refund on shipping costs.
Creative Covers offers only the best when it comes to designing your life. Custom software can print a picture from your computer on to your chosen case in minutes. Shipping is only 1-2 days, and it’s free! Be the next trendsetter by donating your design to us. The next big thing could be your phone cover! There’s so much more, so don’t wait! Register at our website for the newest deals. Go to CreativeCovers.com today!
Our Policy
Cover Me iPhone has a 100% money back policy within 20 days* of your purchase. If your cover isn’t exactly how you wanted it, we will make you a new cover for free.
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