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No description

willemijn visser

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of Test2

Willemijn Visser
Supervisor: dr. Afra Alishahi
Second reader: dr. Marije van Amelsvoort Thesis on Alignment copying phenomenon
using similar words, phrases, and sentence structures What is alignment? Why do we align? often without realizing
common ground
strengthen social bonds Lexical level
Copying exact words in conversation Levels of alignment Semantic level
utterance related to meaning
same description scheme This research focus on lexical and semantic alignment

difference on these levels of alignment between individuals and pairs

difference on performance between individuals and pairs Results Questions? Syntactic level
copying grammatical structure Quantitative research
no significant effect on task performance.

individuals align more on lexical level than pairs.

no significant effect on semantic alignment

alignment occurred sooner in the chat environment of the pairs than the individuals.

Qualitative research
individuals expressed their difficulties in the chat

pairs worked more efficiently Third row, two along See the middle right indicator. I’m on the end of it

the boy is giving the book to the girl the monkey is giving the girl the banana
the monkey is giving the banana to the girl
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