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Subject Verb Agreement

Using the correct verb tense for the subject

Robin Lewis

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of Subject Verb Agreement

Subject Verb Agreement Fundamental Rule: Singular to singular, Plural to plural Conjugation for a regular verb:
I play
you play
he/she/it plays
they play
we play
you play notice how the verb tense changes only in the singular third-person form Recall that the subject of the sentence is never NEVER EVER contained in a prepositional phrase. a preposition is a word that relates one noun to another. Some indefinite pronouns are singular all the bodies
all the ones
all the things
each either neither Compound subjects joined by "and" require a plural verb;
compound subjects joined by "or" USUALLY require a singular verb when joined by "or" the verb agrees with the noun closest to the verb. Some indefinite pronouns are always plural both
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