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David Lee

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of HItler

Tyler Cobb, David Lee, and Tong Lor. Who was Hitler? Hitler was born on the 20th of April 1889, in Braunau am Inn, Austria. Hitler's father was named Alois Schickelgruber Hitler, his mother was Klara Poelzl.
Hitler The Failed Artist- Hitler Moved to Vienna to attend Art School but never got accepted. After failing to get into art school and all his money running out from the orphan's pension and borrowed money from relatives, he had to take refuges in a men's hostels. Where he lived there from 1909 to 1913. Hitler in the Army - Hitler joined the army in August 1914, after the outbreak of war.
He was unable to get a promotion because they believed he lacked
leadership qualities'. Although he was awarded the Iron Cross First
Class that showed that he did not lack courage.
Hitler's Political Career- Hitler's political career began in Munich, when he join the German Worker's party a tiny group of extreme nationalist and anit-Semites who saw their role as trying to win over German workers from the internationalist Social Democratic Party, and after the defeat and the revolution, they persuaded people that it was the Jews that were held responsible of the war. NSDAP- Hitler took over the NSDAP in 1921, and the
new parties symbol became the Swastika.
And its greeting was HEIL. Hitler became
regoconized as the Fuhrer. He then boosted
his power by organizing strong - arm squad
to keep order at his meetings and break up
those of his opponents. 25 Point Program- The NSDAP annouced on Feb. 24th 1920 a 25 point
program that excluded the jews from the volk
community. The myth of the Ayran Race supremacy
and extreme nationalism were combined with
socialistic ideas of profit sharing and nationlization
inspired by people like Gottfried Feder.
Weimar Republic According to Hitler- He believed that it was on the verge of collapse. with the help of general
ludendorff and nationalist groups he sought to overthrow the bavarian
government in Munich. Hitler ran into a beer-hall in munich and fired his
pistol into the ceiling shouting that he was heading a new provisional
government which would carry through a revolution against red berlin.
HItler and Ludenorff both led 3,000 men through Munich but it led to
now where. Hitler was arrested and was tried on Feb. 26 1924, Hitler was
sentences to 5 years of prison but only served 9 months. He was realsed by
his loyal follower Rudolf Hess, from there on he decided not to face a gun
barrel of army untill he was in control of the army.
Hitler & Nazi Party- After Hitler came out of jail, the ban on the Nazi Party was removed
and Hitler regained permission to speak in public. Hitler avoided rigid
programmatic definitions of National Socialism which have underminded the charismaticnature of his legitimacy and his claim to absolute leadership, he
succesfully attracted both right and left to his movement. The Nazi party won
12 seats in 1928 elections, the devastation in the middle class helped Hitler
win over all Strata in German society who felt their economic existence was treathened. In 1930 elections the Nazi Parties votes jumped from 810,000 to 6,409,000 and recieving 107 seats in the Reichstag. HItler's run for presidency and the Nazi party in February 1932 hitler officially acquired german citizenship and decided to run for presidency. He recieved 13,418,011 votes in the run-off elections of April 10 1932 against his victorious opponent von Hindenburg who got 19,359,650 votes. which was four times the vote for the communist canidate, Ernest Thaelmann. In the Reichstag elections of july 1932 the nazis emerged as the largest political party in germany, getting nearly 14 million votes and 230 seats Hitler Appointed Chancellor Hitler was helped to power by a camarilla of conservative politicians led by franz von papen, who persuaded the reluctant von hindenburg to nominate "the bohemian corporal" as reich chancellor on 30 january 1933 Hitler the dictator The destruction of the radical SA leadership under Ernst Rohm in the blood purge of june 1934 confirmed Hitler as undisputed dicator of the third reich and by the begginng of august, when he united the pstitions of fuhrer and chancellor on the death of von hindenburg. Avoiding any institutionalization of authority and status which could challenge his own undisputed position as supreme arbiter. 1935 Hitler and the versailles treaty In 1935 hitler abandoned the versailles treaty and began to build up the army by conscripting five times its permitted number. He persuaded great britan to allow an increase in the naval building program and in march 1936 he occupied the demilitarized rhineland without meet oposition. Hitler and the invasion of Soviet Russia Hitler invaded Soviet Russia in june 22 1941. He believed that after the distruction of Russia it would prevent Great Britain from continuing the war with any prospect of sucess. He was convinced that once he kicked the door in that the whole communist rule would come tumbling down and the campaign would be over in six weeks. The disaster at moscow Hitler dismissed his commander-in-chief Von Brauchitsch and many other commanders who sought permission for tactical withdrawls, Guderain, Bock, Hoepner, Von Rundstedt and Leeb found themsleves cashiered. Hitler now assumed personal control of all military operations, refusing to listen to the advice, disregarding unpalatable of reality. HItler refused to countenance military defeat because he believed he could make up his inferior resources and lack of a sound overall strategy bu keeping his implacable will and his rigid refusal to abandon positions. The attempt at assassinating the fuhrer in 1944 The generals under hitler planned together with a small anti-nazi resistance inside the reich
the assassinate he fuhrer in july 20 1944 hoping to pave the way for negotiated peace talks with the allies that would save Germany from destruction. the plot failed and Hitler got revenge on the conspirators. he watched a film of the executions carried out on his orders. The red army and hitlers plan. The Red Army was approaching Berlin and the Anglo- Americans reached the Elbe,
on march 19th 1945 Hitler oredered the destruction of what remained of German industry, communications and transport systems. He believed that if he didn't survive that Germany should be destroyed. Hitler commiting suicide April 30th 1945 HItler commited sucide by shootig himself through the mouth with a pistol. his body was carried into the garden of the Reich chancellery by aides, covered with petrol and burned along with his mistress Eva Braun. Adolf Hitler Bibliography-
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