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BYU Student-Athletes Administration Welcome

No description

brandon watson

on 30 August 2013

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Transcript of BYU Student-Athletes Administration Welcome

"Build a distinctive, exceptional athletic program that is fully aligned with the mission and values of
Brigham Young University and
The Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter-day Saints.”
Our Mission Statement
Not Getting Enough Rest
Gambling/Online Poker
Video Games
Parking Tickets
Attending Your Church meetings.
Avoid Common Pitfalls
Student-Athlete Administrative Welcome
When using social media
The Do's of Social Media
Remember that digital is FOREVER. Once it is online it's permanent! Be Careful!

Pictures of others breaking the honor code can cause serious damage to you, your team, and BYU, even if you are not the one participating.

Don't criticize officials or others teams.

Don't post immodest pics or other inappropriate material -- even if it doesn't seem "that bad"
What Not To Do...
“[New Media]…– like any tool in an unpracticed or undisciplined hand can be dangerous. The Internet can be used to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and can just as easily be used to market the filth and sleaze of pornography.

"Social networks on the Web can be used to expand healthy friendships as easily as they can be used by predators trying to trap the unwary."
“Any act committed against someone joining or becoming a member or maintaining membership in any organization that is humiliating, intimidating or demeaning, or endangers the health and safety of the person.”
Equipment and Locker Rooms

- Equipment Rooms are not stores/gift shops
- You are responsible for your equipment and gear
- Locker rooms are not your dorm room or apartment
- Things DO get stolen at BYU!
You have a lock on your locker – use it!
The only way to prevent theft is to lock your valuables.
If everything doesn’t fit – take things home, throw them away, or give them away.

Locker rooms are not for visitors, former-athletes, or family members.
President Cecil O. Samuelson
Regardless of why each of came to BYU we all committed to live the Honor Code.

"Recommit to living and acting - even thinking and feeling - as you have agreed to do in accepting an appointment as part of the BYU community. Your honor is important."
Honor Code
Using The Internet
Improving Talents
Marriage and Family
Great Education and Career
Lifelong Friends
Elder M. Russell Ballard
Quorum of the Twelve Apostles
The Honor Code includes:

Academic Honesty/Academic Misconduct
- No plagiarism
- No cheating of any kind
- Taking tests early – do not share test information with others

Dress and Grooming Standards
These apply every day you go to class, when you represent BYU and when you compete home and away.
- Men – Clean shaven every day, hair trimmed above the collar & ears, no earings
- Women – Be modest – before and after competition, necklines - cover your cleavage, skirt/shorts to the
knee, no form fitting, stomachs covered, sleeves; only one pair of earrings.

Residential Living Standards
- Visitors of opposite sex in living rooms/kitchens only.
- Visiting Hours: M-Thurs, Sat, Sun. 9am – Midnight
Friday 9am – 1:30am
Abstain from:
- Inappropriate sexual behavior
- Alcohol, tobacco, tea (hot & cold), coffee, or harmful drugs.
- Gambling, pornographic, erotic, or indecent material
- Offensive expressions (language)

And more… go to honorcode.byu.edu for further details and a complete account of BYU’s Honor Code.
Honor Code
Our Conferences
West Coast Conference (WCC)
-M&W Tennis
-M&W Golf
-M&W Basketball
-W Volleyball
-M&W Cross Country
-W Soccer

-M&W Swimming and Diving
-M Volleyball
-M&W Track & Field (Indoor)
-M&W Track and Field (Outdoor)
Keep comments and updates positive
-Always keep status updates/comments about your
teammates, coaches, professors, etc. positive.
You Represent Yourself, Your Family, Your Team and BYU on Social Media.
Value of a BYU Education in $$
Single Member
Married Member
Single Non-Member
Married Non-Member
Room and Board
Things Not To Miss...
July 2008 Issue of the Ensign "Sharing the Gospel Using the Internet"
Violation can result in NCAA Violation, Suspension, Court Punishment, Physical and Psychological Injury etc...
-Negative comments are not appropriate.
-Don't complain, most people want your problems instead
of theirs.
Why Are You Here?
Student-athletes bring different life experiences with them to BYU.
Student-athletes choose to come to BYU for a variety of reasons, including:
Family / Tradition
Inform people of upcoming events
Express excitement about your sport
Thank the fans
Compliment team mates and other athletes etc.
Where Does BYU Compete?
Mountain Pacific Sports Federation
Hazing Continued
Hazing can include many things like:
Eating abnormal or excessive things
Requiring new members/rookies to perform duties not assigned to other members.
Deprivation of privileges that are granted to other members.
Carrying around unnecessary objects/items.
Name Calling
Asking new members to wear embarrassing attire or act in an embarrassing way.
Being deprived of sleep.
Being Kidnapped, transported and abandoned.
-Ask yourself the following question: "Would my mom, coach and/or teammates appreciate what I am about to post online?"
-If you don't want it seen by your coach, parents, the media etc. then don't post it online.
"There are many ways in which BYU can tower above other universities—not simply because of the size of its student body or its beautiful campus—but because of the unique light BYU can send forth into the educational world. Your light must have a special glow, for while you will do many things in the programs of this university that are done elsewhere, these same things can and must be done better here than others do them. You will also do some special things here that are left undone by other institutions."
Spencer W. Kimball
"The Second Century of Brigham Young University"
-BYU Devotional, Oct. 1975
President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
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