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Welcome to Year 9 English.

No description

Timothy Charles Parsons-Yarrow

on 1 February 2018

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Transcript of Welcome to Year 9 English.

Learning Intentions - To understand the structure of Year 9 English through discussion and creative writing.

Success Criteria - I can:

Discuss the expectations for class, including rules and consequences.
Understand the timeline including CAT dates.
Write an original non-formal short story for my teacher.
Please spend 5 mins writing down in a Word Doc or your workbook 3 questions that you might have about Year 9 English. Example: What are the homework expectations.
Please submit these questions on Compass or hand in your Workbook at the end of class.
Rules and Expectations.
Please open up a new Word Document or your workbook and write the following.
My name is Mr Yarrow.
Welcome, Khoshumadi, afio mai, swagatham to Year 9 English.
Apply your Non-Negotiables to class.
Arrive to every class on time (if you are late, you will have to make this time up)
Be prepared for class. All equipment in EVERY lesson. Do not leave books in your locker and have your laptop CHARGED!
NO food or drink in class (except water)
Get your copy of 10 Futures and have it for EVERY class.
Respect each other and each others way of working. ABSOLUTELY NO BULLYING or DISCRIMINATION.
NO PHONES! If I see it, I will keep it until the end of class.
Respect the teacher when he is talking! My job is to prepare you, your job is to listen and respond!
Own your own learning. No one can do it for you except YOU!
Science Fiction Unit.
Our first unit of work will focus on Science Fiction and the short narratives featured in Michael Pryor's book '10 Futures'.
Quick Brainstorm and Share Sesh!
1) What does Science Fiction mean to you and what images does it conjure up for you?

2) What should you or would you include in a Sci-Fi story?
5 mins to write before we share.
Tip 1- Hook the reader right from the start. If you don't do that, the reader will just flip to something else. A strong beginning in a short story will make the readers want to know more.
Tips for Writing Science Fiction.
Tip 2 - Don't start at the very beginning in a short story. Get straight into the action. Background and pages of buildup aren't necessary.
Tip 3 - Description should be limited in a short story. You will start losing the audience's attention if you go into lengthy descriptions. This goes for character descriptions as well.
Tip 4 - Establish the setting and the characters, and then move on to the problem. The plot is what the readers will care about most.

Tip 5 - Keep the number of characters to a minimum. Too many characters will make the story too complex and the readers won't be able to tell them apart.
Short Science Fiction Writing Task.
So I can assess your writing, including punctuation and sentence structure I would like you all to write for me a two A4 Science Fiction story. This story can be either 'Dystopian' or 'Utopian''. Please adhere to the tips that I have given to you, but the rest must come from your imaginations. (please do not regurgitate existing storylines from films or computer games!)

This is to be written in silence and submitted via Compass by the end of the tomorrows session.

It is IMPERATIVE that you research any ideas that you may have.
Write me.....
CAT's in Term 1.
You will have 2 CAT's this Term.
CAT 1 - Ongoing Reading Comprehension CAT. (This will be handed tomorrow - Due Week 7.
CAT 2 - Creative Writing Science Fiction Story (600 - 800 words - Due Week 7.)
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