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Nostra Aetate

Vatican II Declaration on the Relation of the Church with Non-Christian Religions

Peter O'Sullivan

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of Nostra Aetate

"Decretum de Judaeis" Jews

It is clear that God had chosen one people to prepare for the coming of the Messiah and the time having come, this Messiah, prepared for by the prophets, was rejected by His own people who even crucified Him. It is clear that we, the Christians, are heirs to what the prophets have announced and to what Our Lord Jesus Christ has brought.
We have the faith of Abraham. He is really our father. We have the same faith: Abraham believed in the future Redeemer, we believe in the same Redeemer who has come. The same Redeemer, the same faith.

There is one other question. Can we say that the Jews are guilty of Deicide? We must say yes because it is they who asked for Our Lord’s death and called for His blood upon their heads and the heads of their children. I want to make it very clear: I do not speak about the Jews as a race, I speak about the Jews as a religion. So, what about the Jews of our day? Well, as long as they do not withdraw from this crime, from this action of their ancestors, they are also guilty of it. They must disassociate themselves from it and recognise Our Lord; they must be baptised and become His disciples. In this little booklet, Fr. Franz Schmidberger explains how the Second Vatican Council brought about the destruction of Catholic bastions by:

-not clearly defining Catholic Truth
-failing to definitively reject error
-adopting ambiguous, contradictory language
-establishing teachings very close to heresy

Chapters include:

-The Church after 1945
-Prophets of gloom
-A reform of the Church
-Opening Speech of Vatican II
-Two modern errors
-Vatican II
-Decree on Ecumenism: Unitatis Redintegratio
-No Salvation outside the Church
-Ecumenical practices
-Who is to blame?
-Decree on the Church: Lumen Gentium
-Decree on Non-Christian Religions: Nostra Aetate
-The Jews
-Spirit of Indifferentism
-Declaration on Religious Liberty: Dignitatis Humanae
-Decree on the Church in the Modern World: Gaudium et Spes
-False solution
-True solution
-"Keep the Faith" - pray

We printed 100,000 copies. Why? So we can sell them dirt cheap and you can afford to give them away (to friends, relatives, co-workers, etc.) like there is no tomorrow! We know of no better booklet to give to Catholics to help them understand that the doctrinal roots of the crisis lie in five key Council documents.

Short and easy to understand. Once a man understands this, he will quickly embrace Tradition. Unfortunately this increasing closeness and understanding felt by humanity is not shared by all, these are excerpts from this book: Hinduism

My dear friends, that is a definite lie because Hinduism does not recognise a unique God but many idols. You know that they worship different animals, creatures, all sorts of things, especially holy cows, which must never be slaughtered because to do this would be sacrilegious.

They have great consideration for mice and rats. They consider the rats to be the vehicles of their gods. They believe in reincarnation. People owe a debt during their lifetime and if this is not discharged, they have to clear it in further incarnations in animals. So, you do not touch the rat

There is another very serious consequence of this belief. In Hinduism, you find no mercy and pity. Why not? Because those who are in misery are clearing their ‘Karmar’, their debt and if they do not clear it in this human existence, they have to clear it afterwards. Therefore if you help them you only delay their redemption; and so, in no way do you find Christian charity among the Hindus.
The most embarrassing thing you see when you visit India, is not that there are people living in poverty and misery, living and dying on the road, but it is to see how the Hindus pass by these poor creatures and are not moved at all at the sight. They find this quite normal, quite reasonable, according to their religion. Islam

It is also not said in this text they are fighting against us and consider us as blasphemers and idolators because we adore Our Lord. They reject absolutely the Holy Trinity. All this is not mentioned, at all.

A consequence of this is that a few years ago, the Lord Mayor of Rome gave about two hundred thousand square feet of land as a gift to the Moslems for the construction of an Islamic centre there, with its enormous mosque, the biggest mosque outside the Islamic world. It will be finished shortly and for the laying of the corner stone, the Holy See itself sent delegates to assist at such an important ceremony!

My dear friends, what Islam did not achieve and succeed in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, it achieves today by peaceful means, by immigration, in invading all our countries. For example, I just read an article saying that in England a new mosque is opened every two months. Every two months! That is incredible. Imagine if we were to open a new Mass centre every two months!

This immigration of Pakistanis to England and Scandinavia, of the Turks to Germany, of the Arabs to France is completely destroying our national identity and furthermore the whole Christianity.

Why did our ancestors fight against the Turks on October 7th, 1571, at the Battle of Lepanto? Why did they fight on September 12th, 1683, at the gates of Vienna? Because they realised the full danger at stake, especially the danger to their faith, and so, they fought against those who do not recognise the divinity of Our Lord, nor the Church, nor the Holy Trinity and so who do not have the same God. Nostra Aetate 28 October 1965 All religions have common qualities One day the people of the world will serve God as one Holocaust The Church wants to move on from past grievances

The Church rejects any and all hatred towards mankind

In order to be true sons and daughters of God, we must live in peace with all people World War II Displacement and migration Three ways of thinking about this Declaration As Catholics we must:

Be good,


Collaborate, understand and defend others. These are not mutually exclusive Contents:






Conclusion Questions for the Council What was their primary intention when they drew up this Declaration?

How did they perceive that this would be received? ? What, in your mind is missing from this declaration?

Have inter-faith relations improved since this declaration?

Was this simply a fight against discrimination or step towards a universal religion?
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