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The Usage of ICT’s Resources in English Language as a forein

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Ruben Bravustopulus

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of The Usage of ICT’s Resources in English Language as a forein

The Usage of ICT Resources in English Language as a foreign language in 12 Public Schools of Conchali

Information and Communication Technology ICT’s

General aspects of the thesis
Statement of the Problem
Evaluation instruments ICT’s usage 12 public schools
Solution Proposal
ICT's Definitions
Reasons and purpose
Teacher overview, cultural factor related to Digital Literacy

Teachers of twelve public and primary school of Conchalí do not have the necessary knowledge in order to apply the ICTs in the English teaching process as a foreign language.

General Objective: To determine the usage of ICT’s from the teachers’ perspective when teaching English as a foreign language.

*Study: descriptive research
*The sample: Developed in 12 English teachers

*Surveyed Teachers
*Name of schools


Pedagogical Aspects
Technical Aspects

Personal Aspects
Infrequent usage of the ICTs

Students have taken the lead on technology

Hypothesis confirmed

Training for English Teachers
Workshop hours

The End
Ruben Bravo
Sebastian Lillo
Angelica Santis
Carlos Urrea

-Liceo Polivalente Abdon Cifuerntes
-Escuela Atenea
-Escuela Sol Naciente
-Escuela Horacio Johnson Gana
-Escuela F-127 Camilo Enriquez
-Escuela E-140 Likan Antai
-Escuela D-139 Araucarias de Chile
-Escuela D-151 Pedro Aguirre Cerda
-Escuela D-110 Unesco
-Escuela D-124 Doctora Eloiza Dias Insunza
-Escuela D-114 Jose Alejandro Bernales
-Escuela E-125 Aviador Dagoberto Godoy
ICTs are used to : Retrieve

Managed by the Ministry of Education
Distribution of the resources for schools
Resources for Public Schools
To improve cognitive and social development
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