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No description

Naomi Toyooka

on 16 October 2015

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Transcript of Hera

Family relations
Usually counted as single parent
Mother of Hephaestus
Sister and wife of Zeus
Siblings were Poseidon, Hades, Demeter, and Hestia
Biological mother of Ares
More Info
Hera was born from Cronus and Rhea, but then was swallowed by Cronus because of the fact that he thought his children would over throw him. Cronus then gave birth to Zeus but did not decide to swallow him, but when Zeus grew up he poisoned Cronus's food forcing him to vomit out all of his children including Hera.
Relation To Gods
She was raised by titans Oceanus and Tethys
Zeus's wife and sister
She hated Hercules (the demi-god) because he was the son of Zeus and a mortal woman. She sent many snakes after him to kill him, but none of them ever did.
Everyone thinks of her as a jealous and mean person because of Zeus' many affairs with other women, but she was really a nice person.
Supreme goddess and patron of marriage, women, and childbirth
Queen of the Olympians
Her Roman name is Juno
Believed to be a goddess in the form of a bird
She was worshipped before Zeus
Main Info
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