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Sofia Elosegui

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of INFO EVENINGS

Welcome to our Go-Abroad Information Evening! AGENDA 17:00- 17:10 Greetings and Introduction
17:10- 17:20 Presentation AIESEC & History
17:20- 17:35 Program GCDP
17:35- 17:45 Program GIP
17:45- 17:55 Application Process
17:55- 18:10 Experience Sharing
18:10- 18:30 Questions & Closing WHY AIESEC ??? - A Global Network and present in 113 countries and territories
Platform > 10.000 internships

- Fast and flexible process (2 months)

- Reasonably „student-friendly“ charges

- Buddy-System (Support + Trainings)

- Outgoing Preparation and Follow Up Seminar to prepare you for the best experience

- Integration & Reception in country www.aiesec.at AIESEC has 60 years of experience in developing high-potential youth into globally minded responsible leaders “Our international platform enables young people to discover and develop their potential to provide leadership for a positive impact on society.”

The AIESEC experience is our tool that enables us to achieve our goal to create change agents for a positive impact in society. The AIESEC Experience is supported by our unique learning environment that provides us with different opportunities that aid us through the AIESEC Experience. OUR IMPACT HISTORY OF AIESEC www.aiesec.at www.aiesec.at In 1948 it started all from a small group of students,after a hard period of hunger,war and hate. Association Internationale des Etudiants en Sciences Economiques et Commerciales*(AIESEC) develop our potential leadership
positive impact on the society
build relations between nations
prevent mistakes of the past www.aiesec.at TIME FOR CHANGE Copenhagen Seminar Excursion 1952 FACTS 1948 AIESEC expanded to: South Africa, Colombia and Venezuela 1970 First Asian International Congress was held in Tokyo, Japan. 1984 AIESEC enters the information age: Citibank was the sponsor of computers for international AIESEC 1992 AIESEC was involved in almost every UN conference as youth representatives. www.aiesec.at www.aiesec.at Former AIESECers www.aiesec.at/GO GO ABROAD PROGRAM Explore the world and have a positive impact on local communities Duration: 6 – 36 weeks (majority), 6-18 months (Limited)

Popular Countries: Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, Philippines, Cameroon and Sri Lanka.

Work fields range from social work to helping females entrepreneurs in developing countries to raising environmental awareness

Normally accommodation an meals are provided.

Average length to find and be matched to your internship 5 weeks. Go Abroad Program overview www.aiesec.at/GO Go Abroad Program International internships are the most intense learning experience we offer and links together our global network. This programme encompasses cross-cultural positive impact through working abroad for social and community development projects that lead to self development and skill enhancement for the member undertaking the programme. www.aiesec.at/GO Train & manage different groups of people
Add valuable experience to your CV
Experience other cultures
Support the local community
Developing language skills GO & TEACH www.aiesec.at/GO Gain important business skills

Create your international business network

Put theory to practice

Interact & work with international project participants

Working efficiently in the team and building relations with a team*

Negotiation skills*

Entrepreneurial outlook (taking an active role) GO & MANAGE www.aiesec.at/GO Help local communities

Implement solutions to local problems

Improve the life quality of people in need

Proactive spirit

Emotional intelligence GO & CHANGE www.aiesec./GO Visit different places all around the world

Make new friends from all around the world

Get to know local music, food & people

Global mindset, awareness of other cultures, tolerance and understanding

Have the experience of a lifetime

Experience other cultures GO & EXPLORE www.aiesec.at/GO Intense learning experience Impact on local communities Gain a global Network Cross-cultural positive impact www.aiesec.at/GO Global Internship Program Professional internships all over 113 countries www.aiesec.at/gip HOW TO APPLY for GIP? APPLY NOW Fill out the Application Form PAYMENTS GO Abroad GIP 100€ Access Fee to the platform
50€ Deposit 300€ Matching Fee for internships of 6 months duration. 400€ Matching Fee for internships over 6 months. 150€ in any of the programs www.aiesec.at NEXT STEPS? Complete online application Assesment Center Signing contract & first payment INTERNSHIP! QUESTIONS ¿? THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION! AND DON'T FORGET TO APPLY: WWW.AIESEC.AT/GIP MY EXPERIENCE IN MEXICO WWW.AIESEC.AT/GO Work fields range from public relations, accounting to technical and architectural projects.

Salary is provided by the company.

Cover accommodation and living expenses. www.aiesec.at/gip ME IN AUSTRIA Outgoing Preparation Seminar www.aiesec.at How does it look like? www.myaiesec.net Searching process
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