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Tom coleman volcano prezi Mr.Lattanzio

Tom coleman volcano prezi Mr.Lattanzio

Tom Coleman

on 7 March 2011

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Transcript of Tom coleman volcano prezi Mr.Lattanzio

nonexplosive eruptions volcanoes lava flows come from non explosive eruptions. lava is magma that flows onto the earths surface. this can relase alot of molton rock from the volcano. some of the most tallest mountains grew from repeated lava flows over 100 of thousands of years. lava can flow many kilometers befor it finally cools and hardens. by: Tom coleman explosive eruptions by: Tom coleman explosive eruptions clouds of hot dibbrives and gasses shoot out from the volcano at super sonic speeds. it can also shoot solid rocks and lava in the air at high speeds. plus it can also shoot pyroplastic materials in to the sky and beffor they hit the ground they will turn into a solid and come down at hight speeds. cross section of a volcano magma creates hot liquid that forceses and that shoots out the magma and also magma goes throught holes of the earths crust like its vents to get out of the volcano fro, all of that force pushing it out what erupts from a volcano? depending on how explosive the volcanic eruption is will depened what erupts from it. if it was no a very high explosin it would only pour out lava. if it was a very high explosive it would shoot out magma, rocks, and other pyroclasticmaterials it to the sky at high speeds. nonexplosive volcanic eruptions
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