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The Progressives-ALEXI DIAZ

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mavi rincon

on 15 April 2011

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Transcript of The Progressives-ALEXI DIAZ

The Reforming era of the 1900's Muckrakers A muckraker is someone who investigates and exposes corruption of businesses or government to the public. Two Sides REFORMERS Your all probably wondering;
What is going on with japan's nuclear disaster? Jacob A. Riis
used photography to show the terrible living conditions of the poor and immigrants during the early 1900's. Upton Sinclar
author of a famous book called "The Jungle".
From which a new law named "The Pure Food and Drug Act" was passed in 1906 by the United States government to protect the United States from the food we eat and even from pharmacuticals drugs we used often. Ida Trabell
investigated John Davison Rockefeller's Standard Oil company and through her work she exposed how corrupt his business practices really were. As a result the United States supreme court reinforced the "Sherman Anti-Truct Act" to illegalized Monopolies. John Muir
a Conservationist, which is a person who wants to protect the environment for future generations. His fight allowed us to have may National Parks, such as Yellowstone and Yosemite National Parks so we will always be able to enjoy nature. Damage to the environment as a result of Japan's
earhtquake and tsunami that occurred on March 2011. John Muir might be concinred of whats happening now in japan with all the radiation. Japan has a nuclear power plant witch generates electricity. The power plant is next to the ocean because it uses water to keep cool. when the water stop flowing through it the power plant can explode. With the earthquake and the tsunami the power plant happened to stop reciving water, one of the pipes must of broken. when a nuclear power plant is exploded it is most likely to give out radiaton. Those who reported and legislated for positive changes in society during the early 1900's When a Human being is exposed to radiation their DNA starts to get contaminated and it passes down through generations. While it goes through generation the younger ones start to deform. John Muir really cared about the land, and he wanted to make the world last long. With whats happening now his mission wont be that much apomplished. If John Muir was still alive he would probably say that we can move on, this is not the first time we go through a nuclear explosion. We whent through the same thing exept bigger. It was called chernobyl Lincoln Steffens
American Journalist who wanted to stop political coruption and radical political views. Jane Addams
After her father died she decided to be the founder of the Hull house. They offered to give education for young women, food, and clothes. Samuel Gompers
Established the AFL(American Labor Union). The AFL only helped skilled workers find jobs. A skilled worker is someone who works for the socity. For example plumers and electritians. Theodore Roosevelt
Encouraged kids with asthma to play sports. He helped Ida Tarbel brake down J.P Morgans monopoly in to little corporation. Was the 29th president of the united states and was elected during the Great Depresion. Sussan B. Anthony
Pushed foward, did everything she could just so woman can get suffage in the united states. suffrage is the right to vote. Thanks to these two groups of people who wanted and helped society to be a better place. We are who we are because of them.
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