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Geometric Figures

Lily's Project Feb 2013

Lilian Robinson

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Geometric Figures

Geometric Figures!!!!! By: Lilian Robinson With Tonk and Piggy Hi we're going to tell you about shapes! Boring... Geometric figures can be up high in trees.... ....Or down low in the bushes This is an acute angle... It is an angle measuring less than 90 degrees Uuuuhhhhh can you help me.......my harness slipped..... This is an acute triangle, it is a triangle with at least one acute angle. This is a chord, it is a line joining two points of a circle that doesn't necessarily run through the middle. Wait isn't it just a salt shaker? Peeeee eeeewww!! This stinks!!!! I bet you can guess that this is a circle! You probably also know that it is a 2-dimensional shape with no corners or straight sides Hey! Check out this cool hat I found!!!! That isn't just any old hat.... It is a cone! A cone is a 3-D figure with a circular base that meets up at a point. Yuck!!! These smell worse than the sewer! These shoes are congruent, in other words they are EXACTLY the same! Bingo! Something fun to do! You are right! Cubes are fun! A cube is a 3-D figure with 6 faces all consisting of squares! Ooooo.....Food...... Jeez. Any way that is a cylinder. As you can see it has two circular faces that connect together. Whoa are we at the beach? This sea star is a decagon which simply means it has ten sides. Yay!! Sprinkles!! All of these lines are diameters. Diameters are lines going through a shape. (MUST GO THROUGH MIDDLE) This is an equilateral triangle which means all of it's sides and angles are congruent. Lookie here! Whoa are we inside my nose?! This 6 sided figure is called a hexagon and yes, we are in your nose. Cool! Now we're in your EYE!!! These are intersecting line segments. They are lines that cross at a point but don't always meet at a right angle. Now..can you help me...I'm squished.... Zzzzz..... Check it out! An isosceles triangle!!! It has two equal sides and two equal angles. This is a line of symmetry which means that these two sides are identical. Why is there a ruler... This "ruler" is an example line segment because the points aren't the whole line, but only parts so it is full of line segments. Sharp! These scissors are set up like an obtuse angle which means this angle measures more than 90 degrees. Wasn't this in my closet..... This is an obtuse triangle, it is a triangle with at least one obtuse angle. Pig isn't here right now but this is an octagon because it has 8 sides and 8 angles. These blinds are parallel. That means that if these lines continue, they will never intersect. Help! I'm upside down!!!!! Mmmm..hmhmmm!! This is a parallelogram because the two opposite sides are the same and the two opposite angles are the same. Pentagon time! This shape is called a pentagon because it has 5 sides! It's that easy! Oooh my favorite!!! Ta-Da! This right here is a type of intersecting line but instead these lines are perpendicular and they meet at a right angle. What shape is this? That is a polygon but really a polygon can be any shape that has 3 or more connected sides. See these lines, any one of the clock's hands are a radius. A radius is any line exending from the middle out. Why don't you try... These are rectangles, the opposides are parallel and the angles are all right angles. Also 4 sided. It's a box!!! This is a rectangular prism. It's either 2 rectangles or squares connected by other rectangles. Ooo I know this one! It is a rhombus! The 2 opposite sides are equal and the 2 opposite sides are equal too. Also 4 sided. Point point.. This is a right angle. It measures exactly 90 degrees. Peeka Boo! This triangle is called a right triangle simply because it consists of one right angle. This triangle has nothing equal on it.....Scalene triangle!!! Surprisingly the smaller one smells worse...... Look at these carefully, they look the same but one is smaller than the other. They are simply called similar. Yo dude! Catch! A ball cool! Did you know that it is also called a sphere? It is completely round. Ya know, your behind really ruins the picture.... This I bet you know. A square. All sides and angles are equal. Egypt! Egypt! Your right, this does look like something you would find in Eygpt.....But it is called a square pyramid. It has a square base and it meets up at one point. Nice arm rest..... This is a trapezoid. It has 2 parallel sides and the angles pointed out are equal. Cheese!!!!!! You do know that facts ruin fun right... Awesome! A triangular prism these shapes are rare but they are just two connected triangles! Hanging by a thread.... These lines are vertical...they are just going up and down... BYE!!! THANKS FOR WATCHING!!!!!!
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